Creative and Digital Technologies

3 August 2022

The UK is home to world-leading tech sector and creative industries and in recent years we have seen them come together to develop innovative technology of tomorrow.

The industry covers a remarkable range –architecture to music to publishing – and represents one-eighth of all UK jobs. UK tech initiatives attracted more than £10 billion of venture capital in 2020 – the highest sum in Europe.

The UK has created some of the most influential and loved cinema and television in the world. Its reputation in filmmaking, TV production, animation, and special effects is recognised globally. Successes include the imaginative fantasies of Harry Potter and Doctor Who, the compelling TV series Game of Thrones, Line of Duty, The Crown, Broadchurch and Peaky Blinders, the Planet Earth and Blue Planet nature documentaries, and action movie franchises including the Bond series, Star Wars, and Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Developers and designers in the UK have created some of the most internationally acclaimed games and immersive experiences such as Tomb Raider and the Grand Theft Auto series as well as being integral to the design and manufacture of cars to the development of new drugs using mixed reality spaces.
Building on the UK's reputation for creativity and invention, CreaTech embraces the commercial and cultural possibilities of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 5G, and other developing fields.

These interactive, immersive worlds are fast changing our lives – the convergence of creativity and technology now generating platforms for seamless customer service solutions and new business models. 

Announced as the UK’s fastest-growing tech sector by the UK government, the West Midlands is on course to create an extra 52,000 jobs, boosting the nation’s economy by £2.7bn - all by 2025. The region is home to the UK’s first multi-city 5G testbed. Our diverse, populated cities offer unique spaces for businesses to trial, test and scale new technologies to market.

West Midlands Sector Showcase

The West Midlands Sector Showcase Days are a unique and exclusive in-person opportunity for businesses and investors considering expanding or investing in the UK. 

Coinciding with UK House, the Creative and Digital Technology sector showcase day (Thursday 4 August) bought together a select cohort of industry leaders and innovators.

Designed to equip you with an immersive first-hand experience of the region’s business landscape and sector strengths, delegates benefited from exclusive business leader plenary sessions, complimentary visits to key sector assets and a networking reception. 

You can explore opportunities in:

  • 5G
  • Immersive tech & gaming
  • Cyber security

Led by the region’s official economic development agency, the West Midlands Growth Company in conjunction with the Department for International Trade, a dedicated team were on-hand to answer any questions from delegates and take forward opportunities for collaboration with the West Midlands. 


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