29 July 2022

It’s no secret - the UK’s education system is the envy of the world. Our higher education institutions are some of the most prestigious in the world. We’ve over 600,000 international students currently studying in the UK and 4.9m vocational skills qualifications being achieved globally through the UK’s further education providers. 

Beyond the traditional classroom, innovative approaches to industry-based skills training recognises and accredits life-long learning, supporting sustainable long-term employment.
The UK’s world-renowned services such as future-facing Education Technology and English Language Teaching are in high demand.
Post-pandemic, the traditional nature of work and employment is changing dramatically. The UK’s approach to education, learning and skills development continue to be world-leading. Our experts are supporting systemic change in education systems across the globe, enabling countries to deliver high impact, inclusive skills and education programmes that are tailored for their economies, and which enable social mobility and engage the hard to reach.

Our events provide insight into the UK’s global, national, regional and local organisations that play their key part in developing the next generation every day. Meet research experts, policymakers, education providers, businesses and the students themselves. You’ll have the chance to learn about what they’re delivering now that is driving success - and what they are planning next. 
With a focus on the sharing of best practices across a wide range of education and research initiatives, our events will foster mutually beneficial opportunities for collaboration and partnership with the UK.


1. Professional and Future Facing Global Skills Opportunities

Demand for highly professional and future proof skills is greater now than ever before. ​

Work-based training, continuous professional development, accreditation and professional regulation support the development of employable students and lifelong sustainable careers. Learn how the UK can help current and future professionals in countries throughout the world to maintain and develop transferable skills. 

2. EdTech

In a post-COVID and post-COP26 world, education technology has suddenly gained a great deal of prominence.  Its roles in home schooling, providing diverse content, capturing hard to reach students and targeting learning for special needs have suddenly led to huge numbers of case studies, but what does all this mean for the education sector as a whole?   ​

The UK is a hub for Education Technology, so come and learn from industry leads and individual companies about how to deploy education technology effectively and what they think the next 5 years will hold. 


3. The Association of Commonwealth Universities

International collaboration for global challenges - translating university expertise into action.

The climate crisis requires urgent and collaborative action to mitigate the drastic decline of our land, oceans and environment. Universities, through their research and expertise, play a vital role in addressing global challenges and can support governments and the industry to deliver climate action and resilience, and help manage sustainable use of scarce resources. University-led partnerships are key to translating research and expertise into action on the pressing global challenge of food security. ​

Join us to meet Commonwealth leaders, policy-makers and scholars and explore how their work supports the implementation of international frameworks such as the new Commonwealth Living Lands Charter. ​


4. International Education Strategy and Science, Business and Policy for Environmental Action hosted by the University of Birmingham

Universities are important convenors and collaborators in the drive towards environmental protection and climate action. As a sector our research shapes regional, national and international policies, and our teaching upskills the next generation to tackle the climate crisis. However, action is not instigated in silos. The transfer of knowledge between researchers, policy makers, industry and education is essential to make progress on environmental protection. ​

Meet the global, national and regional stakeholders that are working together to make important things happen, hear the latest environmental research, innovations and collaborations, and join an important conversation about turning knowledge into action.  


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