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The world is on a journey to achieve net-zero. But we can’t do it alone. Only by collaborating can we forge a greener future and address global challenges at the pace needed.

Clean growth sits at the heart of the UK’s industrial strategy and the UK was the first industrialised economy to make a legally-binding net zero commitment. A skilled workforce, world-leading R&D clusters and deep links with some of the world’s top universities deliver climate-friendly solutions across all industries, across the whole supply chain. But we don’t do this alone…

  • Together in Europe we are turning the North Sea into Europe’s largest climate-neutral energy system, building the world’s largest offshore wind farms, decarbonising transport, illuminating cities with smart streetlights and developing the buildings of tomorrow.
  • We are creating the world’s first recyclable windfarm blades, building blade-cleaning robots and offering world-beating deep sea servicing capabilities. We are collaborating at the leading edge of sustainable fashion and biodegradable packaging.


How Government Investment Helps Business Thrive

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The 10 Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution mobilises £12 billion of government investment to spur up to three times as much private investment by 2030.

The UK Government’s Department for International Trade presents live opportunities for sustainable investments and connects European businesses with the UK's sustainability experts, showcasing innovative green solutions and exciting investment opportunities in the low-carbon economy.

If you are a European business, we can support your investments in the UK, and help you find the best clean growth solutions from the UK. We connect UK and European businesses and policy-makers to help deliver the green industrial revolution together.

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