From Farm to Fork, Pixel to Catwalk

UK brands lead the way in creating the brands the world loves. We are now leading the way in innovating the sustainable consumables, fashion and packaging solutions that consumers increasingly demand.

From global fashion brands to biodegradable coffee capsules, packaging made of seaweed, sustainable farms and distilleries, the UK leads the way in sustainable solutions across supply chains, bridging tradition, craft and the most advanced technologies.

From digital smart packaging that’s pioneering waste recycling solutions across the food and drink market the UK is a global creative hub with renowned universities dedicated to providing the most sustainable future-proofed consumer products.

Forward-thinking designs are sketched at the world’s first master degrees for sustainable fashion. Backed by DEFRA and the British Retail Consortium, Textiles 2030 is the new voluntary action plan to cut carbon by 40% + to align with 1.5°C global target, cut water by 30% and create and deliver a circular textiles roadmap for the UK.

Sustainable packaging is a key innovation strength for the UK in the global biodegradable plastic market, expected to reach $6bn by 2026.  The UK’s Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) aims to make 100% of plastic packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.