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Setting up an Office Overseas


Thursday, 3 November 2022 10:00 am



About the event

Setting up operations in another country presents some challenges but also significant opportunities for companies in the North West who choose to do so. Join us for an interesting webinar addressing these issues from a legal, financial, and professional point of view.


In an era of virtual meetings, online trading and e-commerce, many ignore the significant opportunities setting an overseas subsidiary offers. Not without its challenges at set-up stage, a physical presence in a key market can speed-up brand awareness, build trust with key suppliers and partners and facilitate trade.

In this exciting webinar, you will hear from experts in the professional, financial and legal sectors with practical advice on how best to approach this expansion project avoiding common mistakes and follow best practice. Specific examples for expanding into the Australian and New Zealand markets in a post-FTA era and into the fast-growing markets of UAE and Saudi Arabia will be presented. Also, difficulties with legal matters and market volatility/currency fluctuations will be discussed and how to overcome them.

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