Congratulations to the winners of our inaugural Made in the UK, Sold to the World Awards:

  • Agriculture, Food and Drink: Little Moons (London)

  • Consumer Goods: ScotlandShop (Berwickshire)

  • Creative: Crowd (Bournemouth)

  • Digital: ONYX Insight (Nottingham)

  • Education: Scanning Pens (Wiltshire)

  • Financial and Professional Services: Worldwide Recruitment Solutions (Altrincham)

  • Manufacturing: Concrete Canvas (Pontyclun)

And to our Highly Commended businesses:

  • Agriculture, Food and Drink: Fever Tree Drinks Ltd, Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS), Xelect

  • Consumer Goods: Ettinger, EXEAT, Hornby Hobbies Ltd

  • Creative: Omnisonic International Ltd, The Book Shelf Ltd, Warwick Music Group

  • Digital: Bexprt Limited, NetSupport, Squire Technologies

  • Education: m2r Education, TecQuipment, The TEFL Org

  • Financial and Professional Services: Direct Access Consultancy Ltd, EBS Ltd, Turnkey Consulting

  • Manufacturing: Brandauer, LGM Products Ltd, Prima Dental

Thank you to everyone who submitted applications to this year’s awards. If you would like to be kept informed about next year's awards, please sign up to the mailing list by clicking the button below.