Events > Webinar: Impacts of Covid-19 on Transport Networks and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

Impacts of Covid-19

on Transport Networks and

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

30 November 2020, 14:00-15:00 (Turkey Time)

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Birol Ekici
Secretary General
The Union of Municipalities in Turkey
Graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Science, Ekici started his public service as an associate auditor in Turkish Court of Accounts. He pursued his career as District Governor in a number of districts followed by his position as Manager at the Personnel Department and Chief Civil Inspector at the Ministry of the Internal Affairs. He continued his career as the Head of Directorate for Administration Development at Prime Ministry’s Office. He also served in a number of other positions including; General Secretary of Antalya Special Provincial Administration; Head of Directorate for Strategy Development, Minister Counsellor, Deputy Undersecretary in Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services; and General Secretary of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. He currently works as Secretary General of Union of Municipalities of Turkey.
Haluk Gercek
Consultant, Local Team Leader for Istanbul SUMP
Arup Turkey

Haluk Gerçek is an Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering with over 30 years of experience on various transportation projects and academia. His expertise includes on sustainable urban mobility and accessibility, regional and urban transportation planning, transportation demand analysis, transport modelling, financial and economic appraisal of transportation projects, public transportation and climate change and transport. Haluk has extensive experience on transportation masterplans throughout his career – notable cities are İstanbul, İzmir, Eskişehir, Bursa and South-eastern Anatolia. His experience also includes feasibility studies and traffic forecasts of both highways and urban rail transit projects. In addition to his academic teaching experience, Haluk Gerçek is also an UITP Trainer for SUMP and Transport Modelling Training Programs. Haluk Gerçek has worked extensively with national, regional and city governments across Turkey and the globe. He has also worked with European Commission on DG-TREN project and AFD on Urban Mobility in İstanbul. He worked as a consultant to Asian Development Bank (ADB) in 1992 and 1993 for railway projects in China. He regularly works with non-profits and attends workshops and seminars. Currently, Haluk is the Local Team Leader of Arup for the Global Future Cities Prosperity Fund Programme in Turkey, Istanbul SUMP Project funded by UK FCDO.

Jawad Sardar (Moderator)
Future Cities & Prosperity Specialist
Department for International Trade
Jawad Sardar is the Future Cities and Prosperity Specialist for the UK’s Department for International Trade, currently leading the non-ODA secondary benefits element of the Prosperity Fund Global Future Cities Programme. He works closely with public and private sector stakeholders across Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and Myanmar to identify, progress, and realise new commercial smart cities opportunities. As a smart cities specialist his expertise lies in developing sustainable and long-term use cases for technology in public services spanning mobility, economic development, infrastructure, and governance, and working with technology companies to identify routes to market.
Johnny Ojeil
Director, Transport Planning Leader
Arup UK

Johnny Ojeil is a Transport Planner with over 34 years of international experience and Transport Planning Leader at Arup UK.

Johnny has considerable experience in the field of transportation modelling, transport strategy development, public transport, traffic planning and highway engineering projects. He has worked extensively both in the UK and overseas on major Multi Modal Studies and for numerous developers in Europe and the Far East.

He also has managed several projects for EIB and EBRD across Europe that include Sarajevo, Warsaw, Sofia, Bucharest and Malta. Johnny also managed Arup’s LOT 2 work on the EU’s Transport and Infrastructure Framework LOT 2.

Johnny was project Director for the development of the SUMPs for the cities of Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara in Romania. Johnny directed the development of the sustainable transport strategy and also undertook a key role in the stakeholder engagement exercise.

Currently, Johnny is a SUMP Expert of Arup for the Global Future Cities Prosperity Fund Programme in Turkey, Istanbul SUMP Project funded by UK FCDO.

Sue Jackson
Group Manager Transport Strategy
Hertfordshire County Council UK
Sue Jackson is a transport planner with 30 years’ experience in the private sector and UK local government. For the past 20 years she has been at Hertfordshire County Council and is currently a Group Manager responsible for Transport Strategy. In this role Sue is responsible for the developing a variety of sustainable transport strategies and projects including Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure plans (LCWIPS), the Speed Management Strategy, area based transport plans and innovative projects such as a potential Mass Rapid Transit system across the County. Sue is also a lead for funding bids related to sustainable transport schemes and recently was responsible for Hertfordshire’s submission to the Emergency Active Travel Fund. She is also head of profession for Transport Modelling in Hertfordshire and leads the transport planning and data team within the county which provides GIS services and transport and accident data collection and analysis. Prior to joining Hertfordshire, she worked for JMP Consultants and worked on a number of sustainable transport projects including the London Bus Priority Network Studies, monitoring of the Nottingham Cycle Route Network and proposals to improve the pedestrian environment along Regent Street in Central London.