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Eastern Europe and Central Asia Network

Virtual UK Roadshow

7-9 December 2021

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Mining Showcase 

Wednesday, 8 December 2021 at 10:00-11:00 GMT - Click here to register.

Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and Turkey present a number of opportunities for cooperation in the mining industry. The region has a significant resource base and is a global supplier of minerals, possessing rich deposits of iron ore, non-ferrous metals, uranium, critical minerals and rare-earth metals. These are vital for further growth of green economy globally and relevant critical industries. In order to comply with sustainable development trends, the mining sector is undergoing a significant transformation to become more innovative, sustainable, efficient, productive and competitive.

Below are the top 6 areas undergoing transformation.

  • ESG standards implementation, low carbon technology introduction;
  • Innovative equipment and automation solutions;
  • Digital technologies that help reduce costs and grow efficiency and productivity;
  • Geological exploration solutions;
  • Mineral processing technologies;
  • Powering past coal, mine closure and legacy planning

Who should attend?

Sales and business development managers of UK supply chain firms in mining machinery, digital tech, ESG, solutions for geological exploration.