UK-LATAC International Workshops: Challenges and Opportunities in Health Technology Assessment and Guidelines

Sessions: 23.11.21 | 02.12.21 | 07.12.21 | 08.02.22

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About the Event

The UK Government, in partnership with England's National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), presents the UK-LATAC International Workshops on Challenges and Opportunities in Evaluating and Incorporating Health Technologies and Guidelines into Public Health Systems.

Since early 2019, the Department for International Trade from the British Government has worked on the LATAC Regional Initiative on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in partnership with NICE, which has led to a close collaboration between the Institute and different Latin American and Caribbean authorities in the areas of Health Technology Assessment and guideline development. Currently, we are launching phase III of this initiative with the main purpose of reinforcing and expanding the established relationships between these countries and NICE, as well as exploring more in depth the developments taking place in LATAC.  

On this occasion, we will be holding three workshops with the aim to: 

  • Provide an overview of the most challenging aspects of incorporating technologies into public health systems, featuring practical case studies  

  • Explore some of the most pressing issues in Health Technology Assessment and guideline development, from methods and processes to transparency and predictability, and managed access.  

The session will be held virtually in English with simultaneous translation to Portuguese and Spanish.


The access link will be sent by e-mail after registering.




Please note that all times are adjusted to GMT (UK time).

Session 4 - Digital Health Technologies Evaluation at NICE
15:00 - 17:00 (UK time)
Welcome & introductions: opening remarks 15 minutes
Discussion 1h20

Health technology assessment of digital and AI healthcare at NICE

NICE evidence standards framework for digital and AI healthcare: classification

NICE evidence standards framework for digital and AI healthcare: evidence standards

Final Q&A 25 minutes
Concluding remarks, presentation of next session and end of the workshop  5 minutes



About NICE

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) supports the UK National Health Service (NHS) by assessing the value of new medicines and technologies and producing guidelines that aim to support health and care practitioners to deliver excellent care for everyone. NICE follows rigorous scientific methods and processes that have been developed over 22 years of experience. As part of their commitment to UN sustainability goals, NICE provides an advisory service (NICE International) to international organisations, health ministries and government agencies. Through this work, NICE aims to help countries improve their nation's health and wellbeing and inform improvements in health and social care decision making, by sharing their expertise in guideline development and health technology assessment.

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Bernice Dillon
Health Technology Assessment Adviser
Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme (MTEP), Centre for Health Technology Evaluation at NICE

Bernice works on the development of medical technologies guidance in the NICE Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme. She has also worked in the NICE Technology Appraisals team. Before joining NICE, she was involved in computational electromagnetics research for many years.  Following her Master’s degree she worked on projects in 2 local hospitals as a medical statistician. 

Bernice studied undergraduate Engineering at Trinity College Dublin, and since then has obtained a MSc in Operational research & Statistics from the University of Salford and a PhD from the University of Cambridge.



Catherine Kural
Project Coordinator, NICE International & NICE Scientific Advice 

Catherine is responsible for providing administrative support to the project managers and technical members of the team.

Before joining NICE, Catherine held various administrative roles within the NHS. Most recently, she was a senior administrator for NHS Cheshire CCG where she provided project support to the continuing healthcare department.

Catherine holds a BSc Honours degree in Languages from the University of Manchester.


Deborah Lee
Senior Project Manager, NICE International & NICE Scientific Advice

Deborah is the senior project manager in the scientific advice team and for NICE International. She leads on the management of knowledge transfer and consultancy activities.

Deborah is the primary contact for national and international organisations interested in engaging with NICE, learning more about our processes, methodology and support services. She works closely with stakeholders and business partners to publicise our offering and develop new services and initiatives at a national and international level. She led on the development of the award winning META Tool and continues to support its ongoing development, alongside supporting the management of a variety of services within scientific advice.

Previously, Deborah worked in various NHS public health roles, leading on a number of public health research, audit and service development projects. She has an honours degree in psychology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Research methods and holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Public Health.



Harriet Unsworth
Technical Advisor

Harriet Unsworth is a Technical Advisor in the Office for Digital Health at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), UK. She is an expert in the evaluation of digital and artificial intelligence technologies for health and care. She has an MSc in data science and artificial intelligence and a PhD in molecular biology.  


Mira Patel 
Assistant Project Manager, NICE International & NICE Scientific Advice

Mira is responsible for planning and coordinating the delivery of scientific advice projects. She plays a key role in liaising with external clients and stakeholders and is also involved with the management and development of the META Tool.

Mira holds a BSc honours degree in Business Management from Aston University. After spending over 2 years in the print management industry as an Account Manager, Mira moved to Australia where she took up post with the Medical Council of New South Wales. On her return to the UK, Mira joined the Technology Appraisals team at NICE, where she coordinated large scale committee meetings.


Pilar Pinilla Dominguez
Associate Director, NICE International

Pilar is responsible for the strategic objectives and direction of the NICE International services. She oversees all the international services provided by the team and contributes to the delivery of different international engagements through workshops, educational seminars and international consultancy projects. She has extensive experience in delivering these services at a national and international scale and represents us in a series of NHS International groups.

Pilar also works in scientific advice projects in the scientific advice team, where she contributes to the standard service providing advice on behalf of NICE. She also collaborates in parallel scientific advice with other Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and regulatory agencies. She joined NICE in 2012 and worked in the Technology Appraisals and the Highly Specialised Technologies programme until 2016, when she became part of the scientific advice team.

Pilar holds a University degree in Business Administration and Management from University of La Laguna (Spain), and an MSc in Health Economics, Policy and Law with specialisation in Health Economics from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Before joining NICE, Pilar worked as a researcher in one of the Spanish regional HTA units (SESCS, Canary Islands) conducting systematic reviews and economic evaluations for the Spanish Healthcare System. She is currently on the board of directors for the Spanish Health Economics Association (AES).


Verena Wolfram
Technical Advisor
Office for Digital Health, Science, Evidence and Analytics Directorate

Verena provides leadership on the development of methods and evidence standards for the evaluation of digital and AI health technologies in the NICE Office for Digital Health. She received her PhD in Neuroscience, Developmental Neurophysiology and Neurobiology from the University of Cambridge. She studied Biochemistry at the University of Jena (Germany) and obtained a MSc in Biochemistry and Biotechnology from the University of Oulu (Finland).

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