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The Global Entrepreneur Programme GREAT Scale up Games

Friday 10th February 2023, Bangkok, Thailand

Looking to uncover the most outstanding scale up companies in Thailand, the UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) will be hosting the Bangkok chapter of the GREAT Scale Up Games on Friday 10th February 2023.

Run by DIT’s Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP), the Scale-Up Games initiative offers a fantastic opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs to sharpen their their pitching skills, connect with leading investors and venture capital firms, as well as to receive valuable mentoring through interactive workshops with business leaders from the UK, Thailand, and beyond. The initiative invites Thai scale-up companies to participate in a series of interactive pitching exercises for a virtual £1,000,000 in investment. Honouring its name, the initiative gamifies the pitching process by inviting experienced investors to assess and award investment to participating scale-ups throughout the event.


What are the GREAT Scale up Games?

The Scale-Up Games are a mixture of pitching exercises, networking opportunities, keynote discussions, and interactive panel discussions.. The real-time, simulated investment game scenario brings to live the end-to-end pitching process where founders are invited to pitch their businesses to the participating investors and fellow entrepreneurs.The format is relatively simple and comprises of two groups - the entrepreneur founders and the investors.

The Scale-Up Games mirror the processes typically involved in the pitching process for scale-ups, providing participants with valuable insights on how to sharpen the very best of their pitching capabilities. Using a bespoke app created specifically for this event, each Founder’s company will be profiled on the app and valued at £1,000,000 at the beginning of the game. Participating investors would then use the their investment capital to invest in their preferred scale-ups contestant throughout the day.. The contestant with the largest amount of investment would be the winner.


Requirements to participate

  • Be a Thai or South East Asian Startup/Scale Up with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP);

  • Have an innovation and entrepreneurship component;

  • The company's participant must able to pitch their business in English; and

  • Have an interest in scaling up a business overseas.


Please complete the online pre-registration form by 31st January 2023. Please recheck the site regularly to view any updates


We look forward to seeing you at GREAT Scale Up Games Thailand 2023 in Bangkok on Friday 10th February 2023!

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Deadline for application submission is 31st January 2023. For further information, please contact global.entrepreneurs@trade.gov.uk

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