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British Govnerment in Brazil 

Clean Growth and the Future of the Energy Sector
By Jonathan Knott, Her Majesty's Trade Commissioner for Latin America and the Caribbean

Em fevereiro de 2021, assumi o cargo de comissário de Negócios do Reino Unido para a América Latina e Caribe. A missão de apoiar a exportação, o fomento ao investimento interno e estrangeiro, a promoção do acesso a mercados e os acordos de livre comércio do Reino Unido com a região me entusiasmava antes mesmo de eu assumir este posto.

In February 2021, I assumed the position of UK Business Commissioner for Latin America and the Caribbean. Even before taking this role, I have been extremely enthusiastic about the mission to support exports, encourage domestic and foreign investment, promote market access and the UK's free trade agreements with the region. 

Latin America and the Caribbean are fascinating regions. And this is not only due to the beauty and material and human wealth found there, but above all due to the fantastic opportunity for partnerships and business. 

Among the commercial sectors, the energy area is one of the priorities of the British commercial agenda as we are committed to sustainable growth, especially in a post-pandemic moment. The UK is a world leader in the development of new technologies to generate clean and sustainable energy for the planet. We assume ambitious clean growth goals (Clean Growth), based on a program to strongly promote the energy transition. Renewable energy sources, such as bioenergy, solar and wind, are moving towards assuming a leading role in the British energy matrix.

Offshore wind is an exemplary case. The UK is the world leader in offshore wind power generation. Currently, this source represents 10% of the electricity that reaches British homes. But our growth targets are even more ambitious. In November of last year, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a 10-action plan to implement what he called a “green industrial revolution” in the country. The growth of offshore wind is one of the priority actions of this plan. By 2030 we want to quadruple the current offshore wind power generation, reaching 40 GW, enough to power every British home.

Latin America has tremendous potential for renewable energy and, in the region, Brazil is one of the leaders with an already recognized matrix of the cleanest in the world. Combining British expertise with Brazilian pioneering spirit would give Brazil the opportunity to become a leader in the sector. This collaboration for the development of offshore wind in Brazil is one of the agendas of our team at the British Ministry of International Trade (DIT) in Brazil. Our agenda included sharing British expertise in other priority areas of the energy transition, including renewable energy sources, including hydrogen, the decommissioning of oil and gas fields and the development of small nuclear reactors. 

Currently, we have around 200 British companies in the energy sector already present in Brazil, through their own bases, representatives, distributors or manufacturing their products through local partners. 
This is an urgent conversation and we are ready to work with Brazil, with the public and private initiative, so that together we can build an increasingly sustainable world. 

UKEF - UK Export Finance

UK Export Finance (UKEF) is the UK government’s export credit agency (ECA). Its mission is to ensure that no viable UK export fails for lack of finance or insurance from the private sector, while operating at no net cost to the taxpayer.

Through its offer of finance, UKEF can support sovereign buyers and international large corporates with finance, loans and insurance to make their projects happen, with the proviso that they commit to procuring from the UK supply chain.

With an open and friendly business environment, and expertise in sectors ranging from renewable energy and construction to services and technology, the UK is a trusted business partner for Brazil.

UKEF’s range of products can be used across all sectors, including renewable energy and clean growth. It also has £2 billion dedicated to clean growth projects through its Direct Lending Facility.

UKEF work with UK exporters and their overseas buyers to find the right support, and can offer attractive financing options, including:

• repayment terms of 2-10 years – and up to 18 in some sectors, such as renewable energy;

• flexible UK content requirements for projects supported;

• over 60 local currency options – including the Brazilian real as well as a range of other currencies

UKEF has a global network of International Export Finance Executives (IEFEs), including Maria Angélica Oliveira Luqueze who is based in São Paulo. UKEF’s international network collaborate closely with HM Trade Commissioners and British Ambassadors, and engage with overseas governments and multinational companies looking to buy from the UK - with a particular focus on green industries and sustainable projects.

Learn more: https://www.great.gov.uk/project-finance/


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