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South India Energy Conclave

Tuesday, 23 February 2021, 1000 hrs to 1245 hrs (GMT) / 1530hrs to 1815hrs (IST)

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UK - India Collaboration

UK and India have been working together on developing secure and sustainable sources of energy for more than 35 years.  India’s domestic progress on clean energy transition has been astonishing where it has quadrupled wind and solar capacity in the last decade. In our conclave, there will be a showcase of UK expertise in emissions reduction where UK expertise is of high relevance to India - which is at the centre of the global renewables revolution.

PM Modi has shown impressive leadership in India on climate and clean energy despite the challenges of COVID-19. Shown via his commitment to achieve 450GW of new solar and wind sources by 2030, and on the global stage by launching the International Solar Alliance and the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure.  The UK is proud to be a partner in both, to help stimulate a clean and resilient recovery from C-19 and improve lives, livelihoods and economies. 

The vision and commitment is for a long term partnership. The benefits of UK-India collaboration are clear. The UK and India, together, bring policy and technical expertise which will break down the barriers to decarbonising economies globally via: 

  • Cutting edge innovation across the supply chain of clean, efficient and smart tech.  
  • World class capabilities in finance and investment to mobilise the capital needed for renewables, and on how to make the financial system greener