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Meet our 51 country Tech Rocketship Awards Europe category winners, semi-finalists and country winners.

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Grand Finale Winners

Gold Winner

Breeze Technologies (Germany)
Breeze Technologies is a technology leader for air quality sensors, air quality data and air quality analytics software. The company leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help cities and businesses create better clean air action plans and a more liveable environment.


Silver Winner & People's Choice Award Winner

Inobat (Slovakia)
The “Discovery to Delivery” battery company Inobat has a unique R&D and manufacturing capability, which aims to accelerate the electrification of transport across Europe. InoBat is set to build Europe’s first battery cell R&D prototype cell-manufacturing centre by late 2021. The InoBat Gigafactory is set to expand overall manufacturing capacity to 10GWh by 2024.


Bronze Winner

R8 Technologies (Estonia)
R8 Digital Operator takes building’s technical management to the next generation by ensuring highest indoor climate comfort and energy efficiency with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Category Winners

AI & Data Revolution

Kando (Israel)
Kando is an environmental technology and data company, developing and deploying innovative digital solutions which improve environmental health and promote sustainable ways of living. Kando’s smart monitoring and data analytics systems allow water utilities to detect, track and anticipate events in their networks in real-time, to optimize operations and minimize pollution.


Connected Consumers & Creativity

Surfly (Netherlands)
Surfly is a high-growth and award-winning Amsterdam-based start-up building interactions middleware that can share, secure and transform web experiences. It helps clients thrive in the era of digital transformation and remote product/service distribution, especially in highly regulated industries. Surfly's flagship product enables co-browsing, leading organisations to enhance their customers’ journey in a fast, human and intuitive way.


Digital Economy & Security

eCollect (Switzerland)
еCollect is a FinTech start-up that disrupts traditional account receivables processes. Making use of best-in-class AI and machine learning technology, its in-house developed platform covers the full receivables management cycle for businesses: invoicing, dunning, pre-legal, and legal collection - all on one platform.

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Feeding Nations

Connecting Food (France)
Connecting Food is the first food transparency blockchain platform in Europe. It aims to bring end-to-end traceability to the whole food chain, from farm to store, by leveraging transparency and digital auditing. Its clients range from agricultural cooperatives to retailers in France and across the world, including Italy, Germany, Spain and the United States. 


Tech for Health and Wellbeing

Alsad Medical (Hungary)
ALSAD Medical is a digital health start-up based in Hungary. Its product is Automated LifeStyle ADvice (ALSAD), a web application for daily health management of patients with kidney disease and/or diabetes and/or obesity.

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AI & Data Revolution

Dreamix (Bulgaria)
Dreamix is a machine learning and AI company and is partnering with the University of Manchester to help manufacturing companies be more efficient and competitive by leveraging our AI and Machine Learning solutions.


Synerise (Poland)
Synerise is a leader in the field of AI and Big Data and the innovative force behind the AI Growth Ecosystem, an all-in-one platform that provides in-depth knowledge about customers, real-time AI-based analytics and insights and other solutions aimed at increasing sales, preventing churn and boosting customer loyalty.


Clean Growth (CleanTech)

Disruptive Technologies (Norway)
Founded in 2013, Disruptive Technologies (DT) is the Norwegian developer of the world’s smallest wireless sensors and an award-winning innovator in the IoT market. Our best-in-class stamped-sized small, efficient, powerful, and adaptable wireless sensors are making buildings intelligent and sustainable, in minutes.


eAgronom (Estonia)
eAgronom purpose is to restore the synergy between mankind and nature. It focuses on becoming the main source of knowledge for grain farmers with a goal to give profit guarantees and extra income from CO2 capture. It has 1,400 paying clients managing 1,000,000 hectares in 7 different countries.


Connected Consumers & Creativity

Magos (Greece)
MAGOS is a Platform As A Service solution at TRL 7. Its hardware and  software have been optimized for an improved Extended Reality (ER) Experience which pushes the level of immersion.


Wehype (Sweden)
Wehype is the world’s largest Esport & Gaming media, connecting brands and people through influencer marketing in gaming. By merging all major gaming platforms into one universal media channel, Wehype reaching billions of gamers globally.


Digital Economy & Security

Corrata (Ireland)
Corrata has pioneered on device traffic inspection, the simplest and most effective way to protect smartphones and tablets from cyberattacks. It targets the SMB market via distribution partnerships with mobile operators and resellers. In 2020 Coratter signed its first deal, with Three Ireland, and have subsequently launched with AT&T Firstnet and a number of smaller US resellers.


Veridas Digital Authentification Solutions (Spain)
Veridas is a global leader in digital verification of identity. Its solutions are based on 100% proprietary technology of identity document verification, facial biometrics and voice biometrics. Veridas helps companies through their digital transformation safely, preventing fraud and providing a seamless and unique customer experience.



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Feeding Nations

3Bee S.r.l. (Italy)
3Bee is an AgriTech start-up born in 2016. It leverages technological innovation to produce sustainable solutions for different farming sub-sectors, in order to shift from a chemical-driven approach to a data-driven one. To realize this vision, 3Bee develops IoT solutions powered by AI algorithms.


Innov Ad (Belgium)
Innovad is an animal feed additives company developing novel nutraceutical solutions that address the needs of modern animal rearing and the ever-growing demand to feed the globe. Its philosophy: “To build a business that embraces innovation, trust, transparency, accountability, social responsibility, sustainability and fairness, as a path to profit.


Future Mobility and Travel

NoTraffic (Israel)
NoTraffic developed the first Autonomous Traffic Management platform. Deploying the platform transforms any traffic signal into smart infrastructure capable of understanding the complete traffic picture and responding in real-time to all road users. The platform is already deployed in several cities across the US, helping cities to cut congestion, reduce emissions and prevent accidents.


Spire Software (Ireland)
Spire helps Vehicle Recovery Operators with operational efficiencies to reduce job turnaround times. Unlike legacy software solutions with generic dispatch forms, Spire is an AI data-driven platform which flexibly increases revenue capacities or reduce costs.


GREAT Tech for Change

Happeo (Finland)
Happeo is an intranet, enterprise social network and collaboration platform that lets your communications flow seamlessly, making work a happier place for all.


Talent Alpha (Poland)
Talent Alpha is a talent intelligence and talent mobility platform that enables organizations to thrive in the new reality. By decoding IT professionals’ Talent GenomeTM, it gives leaders data, insights and tools to reimagine their talent strategy.


Tech for Health and Wellbeing

Oncomfort (Belgium)
Oncomfort develops and internationally markets its Digital Sedation, a unique digital therapy that safely relieves patients’ pain and anxiety during medical procedures. This revolutionising digital approach combines clinical hypnotherapy and integrative therapies with Virtual Reality (VR), effective without medication, no side-effects and great clinical outcome to patients and healthcare professionals.


VivoLogica (Sweden)
VivoLogica is a Swedish company founded by cancer researcher Sara Mangsbo. It has developed a SaaS-system for medical research institutions. Increasingly strict medical research legislation forces researchers to report detailed animal data which has to be compliant. VivoLogica automates this process to save time for value-creating research to save lives.

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Country Winners


Cogvis (Tech for Health and Wellbeing)
Cogvis is a spin-off company of the Vienna University of Technology specialising in the field of 3D smart-sensor technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With its cogvisAI 3D smart sensor it offers highly innovative solutions for the healthcare sector including application modules for fall detection and prevention, safety and dementia.


Cybershoes (Connected Consumers & Creativity)
Cybershoes creates affordable and easy to use VR accessory that adds layers of immersion to any VR experience, letting players control their movement with their legs and feet.


SCARLETRED (Tech for Health and Wellbeing)
SCARLETRED is a digital health company with a unique focus on dermatology. Its certified and ICH-GCP compliant medical device software Scarletred Vision is the first digital solution solving the lack standardization and subjective visual assessment in preclinical and clinical trials.



Cloudalize (AI & Data Revolution)
Cloudalize's turnkey GPU power delivery platform provides virtual workstations for the AEC market and science and engineering education providers.


Czech Republic

Mileus (Future Mobility and Travel)
Mileus is a digital platform which enabes real-time planning and automated interoperability between public transportation and taxi/ride-hailing transportation services.



Clewat (Clean Growth (CleanTech))
Clewat is a fast-growing CleanTech company from Finland, focusing on reducing plastic waste, excess biomass, oil spills and other pollution problems of our oceans, seas, rivers and lakes.



Daan Technologies (Clean Growth (CleanTech))
Daan Technologies is a home appliances manufacturer which designs, manufactures and sells electrical appliances. Its first product is Bob, a mini countertop autonomous dishwasher, already available for sale in France and now looking for new markets abroad.


Okeenea (GREAT Tech for Change)
Okeenea Digital created Evelity, the first application specifically designed for people with disabilities to guide them effectively in complex venues. Routes and interfaces are adapted to specific needs. Okeena deeply believes that this new kind of pedestrian guidance will be common use within the next 5 years.



Pixolus (GREAT Tech for Change)
Founded in 2013 in Cologne, pixolus has developed a unique mobile data capture technology. With plenty of academic and industry experience in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and App Development, it has successfully implemented individual solutions making energy consumption transparent.


Tracifier (Germany)
Tracifier is a Blockchain-based traceability app, used for food and consumer goods certificate verification, that supports the accuracy and transparency of customer claims. The Solution covers the whole value chain of products from the early stage of manufacturing to the point of sales in stores.



HeatVentors (Clean Growth (CleanTech))
Traditionally heat is stored by changing the temperature of the water. Instead of water HeatVentors uses phase change materials. By changing the phase, like melting and solidification its solution can reduce storage volume by 90%, save at least 20-50% energy, with a total return on investment within 3 to 5 years.


Tronog (GREAT Tech for Change)
Tronog is a specialized company for 3D data preparation and photorealistic visualization. Its optimized solutions improve the efficiency of all levels of the production on demand and time to market process. It has built a unique digital pipeline for high-end 3D garment visualization from concept to final 3D render, using an in-house mass image production and configurator platform. 



Lucinity (Digital Economy & Security)
Lucinity is a SaaS start-up headquartered in Reykjavík that uses Human AI to "make money good". Its AI-based anti-money laundering platform helps banks uncover criminal activities in their data while explaining what it finds and how.

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Sedicii (Digital Economy & Security)
Sedicii provides identity and security solutions to prevent financial crime and enable commerce.



OCON Healthcare (Tech for Health and Wellbeing)
OCON Healthcare innovates, develops, manufactures, and commercializes cutting-edge women’s health products based on a patented IUB proprietary platform. The 3D Intra Uterine Ball, made from a super-elastic alloy Nitinol, is an ideal carrier for multiple drugs to treat a variety of conditions while improving women’s health and quality of life.



Servitly (AI & Data Revolution)
Servitly is an IoT-based SaaS that empowers OEMs to deliver valuable, sustainable and profitable connected services. With Servitly it is easy to manage connected products, deliver connected services, offer and monetize IoT-enabled digital services, support the delivery of advanced services (pay per outcome) and transform products into services (equipment-as-a-service).



Eddy Travels (Future Mobility and Travel)
Eddy Travels is an AI assistant that helps find the best travel deals in seconds. Over 4 million travellers have used Eddy Travels to find flights, hotels, and car rentals deals by simply texting or sending voice messages.



Holo4Labs (Tech for Health and Wellbeing)
Holo4Labs brings precise assistance to lab personnel, and at the same time integrates data with proprietary systems in two-way communication.



Abyssal (Clean Growth (CleanTech))
Abyssal is a 3D GIS visualization expert for the subsea and maritime industries that digitizes subsea environments for simulation and visualization purposes and provides contextualized, real-time information remotely.


Velocidi (AI & Data Revolution)
Velocidi is an award-winning customer data platform with an e-commerce focus, now expanding to the UK. Velocidi drives clients revenue growth through better audiences. Automatically collecting and unifying 1st-party customer data, leveraging Machine Learning to predict customer behaviour and seamlessly bringing top-performing audiences and advertising platforms together.


Ydata (AI & Data Revolution)
YData offers the first data platform focusing on synthetic data generation that makes the process of building data sets take a fraction of the time and cost, thus making AI adoption successful.



Arkris (AI & Data Revolution)
Arkris is a new start-up which helps companies to fully automate processes without technical knowledge and connects their employee communication systems with their business systems.


Voxikids (Tech for Health and Wellbeing)
The Speakquest SRL company, whose product is VoxiKids, was founded in 2020 by serial entrepreneurs. VoxiKids is a bridge between education and health, offering a complete multilingual platform for online speech therapy providing support to over 10,000 families during the Covid-19 pandemic.



Insar.sk (AI & Data Revolution)
insar.sk is a provider of geodetic and remote sensing analysis with a focus on deformation monitoring via satellite radar interferometry (InSAR). The primary aim of the company is deformation monitoring of buildings and infrastructures, urban areas, undermined and landsliding areas, deposits of mineral resources and objects of strategic importance.



Bdeo (AI & Data Revolution)
Bdeo provides the insurance industry with smart information in visual channels (photos and videos) using Computer Vision (CV) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With its product insurers speed up their damage assessment processes, reduce their operational costs and provide a better experience for customers.


Climatetrade (Clean Growth (CleanTech))
Climatetrade helps companies fulfil its most ambitious carbon offsetting commitments, empowering its sustainability strategy with its innovative digital solutions.



Formulate (AI & Data Revolution)
Formulate offers analytics for retail promotions by applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to retailer transaction data, giving them insights to run better promotions. It provides users with comprehensive analysis of all their past promotions, reliable forecasts of all their planned promotions and the ability to simulate new promotions in the ideation phase.