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The UK has a global reputation for education, characterised by excellence and quality. Our global education offer encompasses the full range of the education spectrum, and we want to continue to promote British education and its potential to work with partners globally to address the world’s increasingly complex education needs. No matter the education area, the UK offer combines expertise and innovation, working together with local partners to deliver quality and reliability, assured through international standards and academic excelence.


Get to know more about the UK expertise on the different strands of Education:



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With over 6.000 schools adopting the British system of education across the world, UK schools are strongly valued and respected for their high quality standards for Education and broad experience in adapting their successful models to each partner’s cultural reality.

The UK brand is known for its quality and studying at an International British School or at a Bilingual School with British Curriculum is a great opportunity for nearing proficiency not only in English but also in other knowledge areas such as Mathematics, Geography, Science and much more. International Education allows students to obtain qualification and an international diploma, granting access to foreign Universities and reinforcing their learning process as global citizens.

One of the most popular curriculum adopted worldwide, British Schools are well positioned to further collaborate with partners in Latin America, as the UK curriculum has vast experience working in different countries.

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English Language Teaching

As the home of the English Language, the UK holds a privileged position in providing services and innovation to countries interested in improving their English proficiency. The British organisations specialized in English Language Teaching are known for their tradition and robust quality assurance processes, promoting high-level English learning and teaching in the whole world. All of these factors make the UK a traditional destiny for international students who seek to improve English language skills.

The wide range of courses offered by British organisations includes:

  • Courses for young learners and teenagers;
  • Preparation for proficiency exams;
  • Academic English training;
  • English for Specific Purposes, such as English for Law or Medical English;
  • Qualification and Teacher Training

The British Education tradition and quality keep pace with its strong presence across the globe, having an important role supporting Governments in programs implementation and national bilingual reforms, from Basic to Higher Education.

You can find our Online Brochure with UK ELT providers in this link.

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Techincal-Vocational Education and Training

The UK has the oldest TVET system in the world, and its continuous evolution gives it an unmatched expertise regardless of the sector. The skill building methodology in the UK is driven by employers needs in partnership with training institutes, renowned for enhancing capacities and abilities in priority areas to ensure a skilled labour.  These institutes share best practices at an international level in terms of education and training policies, allowing young people across the world to maximize their growth potential through high-quality educational journeys.

The British TVET System also includes sector specialists experience in building curriculums aligned to the most recent advances and best practices in the area, combining teaching techniques with excellence capacities assessment. Furthermore, the UK system offers dynamic study formats to meet the needs of all kinds of students: full-time or part-time, on the workplace or in training institutes and from beginners to advanced levels. It is a unique opportunity as it allows students to enter academic programs of Higher Education at any point of their working life.

The UK capacity building and training providers in TVET have a vast experience working alongside with governments from the entire world in developing and implementing costumed-build solutions. With internationally renowned qualifications in different sectors, British organisations offer flexible solutions to support students across the world to better prepare to the working world.

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Higher Education

With a notable reputation for its Higher Education system, historical patrimony of its Universities and continuous innovation environment with high employability among graduated, the UK remain one of the most popular global destinies for international students.

The British Universities are global leaders in establishing academic partnerships in the whole world, developing double-degree agreements and creating international campuses. Aiming to offer more flexibility and to have a wider reach across the globe, there is a list of online or hybrid educational programs available and the number of students enrolled at Transnational Education (TNE) programs outside of the UK is growing. In 2018 and 2019, 143 UK universities have offered TNE programs to students in over 226 countries worldwide.

Known as a global driving-force for academic research and innovation, the British universities are recognised for their strong ties with the industry and their symbiotic relationship with the economic development boosted by technological transformation. The UK is a thriving research centre, being the third biggest producer of international co-authoring publications, representing 6,5% of the world publications and having the most cited publications.  To achieve this prestigious position, the UK adopts an international collaborative approach: in 2018, 57,2% of the British publications were products of international partnerships.

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EdTech - Education Technologies

The UK is a global EdTech hub, corresponding to the biggest part of educational technology companies with excellent reputation in competitive technological innovation. With an expertise in digital resources, learning platform and ICT infrastructure, UK providers have all the tools to help maximizing the learning experience.

Offering cutting-edge technologies that ranges from distance-learning, gamification, digital assessment to full online learning platform, the UK is well positioned to keep sharing its knowledge and expertise to support new efficient and high-quality digital learning tools.

With the Covid-19 outbreak, a need for further online solutions became part of the reality and UK EdTech institutions were centrestage in innovations to cope with these new global challenges. The UK Government has created a Digital Brochure: UK Covid-19 Solutions where you can find part of the UK offer in education and in areas as life sciences, healthcare, technology and others.

Increased use of educational technology (ICT hardware and software, management information systems and digital content) can enable organisations to reach much larger audiences from a wider range of geographical locations, reduce overcrowding in classrooms and give students more flexibility to learn when and where they want, at their own pace.

The UK is a global hub for EdTech, with a range of innovative solutions that go from remote learning, gamification, digital and technological assessments to full online learning platforms, the UK is well placed to further share their expertise overseas in order to support new digital ways of effective learning. Since Covid-19, we have seen a huge increase in international investment into UK EdTech companies, who are considered to be the forefront of innovative and flexible solutions, including on how reach remote communities.

Several UK institutions are already partnering with Latin America and most recently three UK EdTech institutions (Mangaghigh, Little Bridge and Twig) were able to have solutions to math, ELT and Science added to the Mexican platform Aprende en Casa.

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Interested to learn more about the possibilities of partnering with UK Institutions?     Contact us