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Find out about our upcoming events and make sure you join us to discover how UK education experience and expertise can offer insights:


Future of Learning: Empowering Teachers in a fast changing world

05 October 2021

To celebrate the World's Teacher Day, the UK Government has prepared a Webinar to discuss the critical role teachers play in education and the ever growing impact of technology. Our specialists will share the UK experience and success stories, shedding light on the trends for the 21st-Century teacher.


Join us and learn about the changes in teacher training, the skills required to teach in the current era and how technology and Artificial Intelligence can support teachers and innovative learning methodologies.


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New Ways of Teaching


This British Council program promotes ongoing training for those involved in the educational process, with the aim of achieving their constant professional development to enable them to establish global connections.



Through a series of tips, webinars, reports, digital tools and expert partners we intend to support teachers and education policymakers in each of their challenges by providing them the tools they require to withstand the crisis and the constant changes in Education.


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