Boost Your Global Success: Selling overseas made easy

Monday 6th November 2023, 8 Northumberland Ave, London WC2N 5BY, 09.15-17.00 GMT

Brought to you by the Department for Business and Trade’s Export Champion and UK Export Academy teams, in partnership with Google, join us for an interactive and immersive event loaded with practical advice and tips to help expand your business and realise your international growth potential.


  • Discover how and why selling overseas can boost your business
  • Develop your perfect pitch for overseas buyers
  • Join experienced exporters for candid insights on what they wish they’d known before taking their first steps into overseas markets
  • Explore Google Market Finder as a powerful research platform
  • Connect with like-minded businesses from across the UK
  • Be inspired by real life export journeys of UK SMEs
  • Tap into the expertise of professional trade experts and advisers
  • Learn how to develop an international marketing strategy
  • Discover the support available to help grow your business and expand your international footprint
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Programme (further speakers to be announced soon)


Registration, followed by networking


Welcome address by Andrew Mitchell, Director General, Domestic and International Markets and Exports, Department for Business & Trade


Why exporting can boost your business (hosted by UK Export Academy)

Hear from our Export Academy Adviser and seasoned exporter Mark Burkett as he takes you through the benefits and challenges of exporting, enabling you to make informed decisions about your business’ international growth.  Mark will share his top tips for overseas success and will signpost you to the various sources of support and tools that are available to you as you jump into the world of exporting!



Marketing Power Half Hour: Capturing your global audience (hosted by UK Export Academy in collaboration with Marketing Mixology)

At this interactive session, Jules Brim from award-winning Marketing Mixology will guide you through building an international marketing strategy and developing a better understanding of your ideal overseas customer base. Jules will demonstrate how to entice an international audience with some useful hints and tips, plus some content ideas to get those creative juices flowing.



Planning your International Growth Strategy (hosted by Google)

Prepare to be equipped with powerful tools and strategies to help you export your goods and services. The session focuses on Google Market Finder as a platform for research and localisation. We will understand the current opportunity in export and how to find potential markets.

  • Understand the opportunities in expanding to new markets.
  • Know how to identify target markets and what tools to use.
  • Know how to plan a growth strategy.



Exporter Insights: What I Wish I’d known...USA (hosted by Export Champion, Jamie Sergeant, Global CEO, Crowd)

An opportunity to engage with and learn from a panel of experts’ exporting experiences. Export Champions Julianne Ponan, Founder and CEO of Creative Nature  and Pierre Haincourt, Managing Director and Founder, Credit Limits International Ltd along with Emma Glazier, Managing Director UK/USA at Crowd share their insightful reflections on trading with the world’s largest economy which offers huge potential for UK goods and services.



Lunch, Networking, Bitesize Business Boosters

Connect with speakers and delegates, and hear more about the practical business support DBT and its partners provide to help boost your international sales (presented by UK Export Finance, International Markets and Business Growth).



How to Create a Compelling Pitch: Words that Win Business (hosted by UK Export Academy)

First impressions are everything and never more so when you are pitching to an International audience. Join this session to discover how to create a killer pitch, engage your audience and win business in overseas markets. Led by Communications Expert, Mike Kelly, this session will focus on words that win business, communicating across cultures and how to create a compelling pitch to make your business stand out in a competitive landscape. The session will be followed by a Speed Pitching workshop where you can put your new found knowledge to the test, create your killer pitch and have the opportunity to present it to our international trade experts for instant feedback! (Please note places are limited for this event).



Exporter Insights: Things I wish I’d known... Europe (hosted by Export Champion, Jamie Sergeant, Global CEO, Crowd)

An opportunity to engage with and learn from a panel of experts’ exporting experiences. Export Champions Nicholas Van Der Walle, Founder & Managing Director with Camilla Jones, Marketing Manager of Astute Graphics and Joe Formisano, Owner, DeliVita Ltd along with Adam Smithson, Managing Director Europe at Crowd share their insightful reflections on trading with Europe.



Scale Across Borders (hosted by Google)

Explore international marketing strategies and learn how to adapt your current marketing efforts to new audiences, languages, and markets. We will end the session with how to find a marketing partner to support your expansion.


  • Understand what a Global Marketing Strategy is and how to measure global marketing performance
  • Understand how to adapt your marketing campaigns for global reach
  • Know how to find marketing partners for international growth





Track Traffic with Analytics (hosted by Google)

This session will give attendees a deeper understanding of how to track your users Google Analytics and better understand where your audience is coming from.



Exporter Insights: Things I Wish I’d known... Australia and New Zealand (hosted by Export Champion, Jamie Sergeant, Global CEO, Crowd)

An opportunity to engage with and learn from a panel of experts’ exporting experiences. Export Champions Kate Beal, CEO, Woodcut Media and Steve Whettingsteel, CEO & Managing Director, Krysteline Technologies Ltd along with Emma Glazier, Managing Director at Crowd share their insightful reflections on trading with Australia and New Zealand.


Did you know? The UK’s Free Trade Agreements with Australia and New Zealand make exporting cheaper, faster and more secure for UK businesses.




Businesses that sell overseas are more competitive, profitable and can grow their sales faster, and there is huge demand for quality UK goods and services across the globe. Whether you’re about to take your first steps into exporting or are looking to further expand your international revenue streams, there is a range of support available for UK SMEs.

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