Why you should take part, from last year's attendees

UK companies have shared their experiences of selling overseas and how International Trade Week (ITW) helped them start or grow their export journey.

Grace Olugbodi, Founder and Owner of Easy Maths Skills

“By attending ITW 2022, I have been able to identify more partners that could drive additional revenue. My advice to other business owners considering trading internationally is to seize the opportunity. You could potentially be missing out on revenue from international markets, which can sometimes be easier to secure than revenue from home. British goods and services are respected in many countries internationally, so why not explore demand and potential to operate on a much larger scale? I will definitely be attending this year’s ITW in November to learn, network and make the most of the support and guidance available to SMEs like mine.”


Grace Olugbodi

Peter Broxton, Managing Director at PelliTec

“ITW is an excellent series of events, covering many topics relevant to SMEs like mine. I don’t know anyone that hasn’t benefited from attending ITW events. Engaging with DBT’s International Trade Advisers, who can offer help and support around getting started exporting, suggesting events and trade missions to attend and advising on our digital presence, has given me and our team the skills and confidence to take the business to the next level. Our specialist footcare product, PelliTec blister prevention pads, has been available to Podiatrists in Canada since Spring 2023.”



Peter Broxton

Jacob Thundil, Founder of Cocofina

“Although selling internationally can be challenging, the prize makes it worthwhile. ITW has been a great support for our business and can help others on their journey to expand their business globally. ITW allows businesses to identify exporting opportunities, as well as to learn, and to network - all for free! I will definitely be attending ITW in November, as we want to expand our international footprint further. We met our future German distributor at an ITW event last year and we are very close to launching in Germany. Who knows, it could be the USA next!”



Jacob Thundil

Chris Negus, Partner at Global NRG Advisory

“Attending ITW last year allowed us to broaden our global reach. Learning how to operate in North America and the subsequent contacts we’ve made by attending ITW and working with DBT has been invaluable. ITW enabled us to close our first project in Indiana and we will be attending again this year. It’s important to constantly keep up to date and be aware of changes that impact our business and also to network with likeminded SME owners. No matter where you are in your exporting journey, you will definitely get a lot out of ITW.”



Chris Negus

Chris Barker, CEO at Spirit Health  

"Spirit Health have been on an international journey for a few years and this has really accelerated in the last year with amazing support from DBT.  
ITW is an opportunity to learn, discover and network for free. I strongly encourage my peers to attend and participate in some of the webinars, workshops and seminars on various aspects of international trade which are useful in gaining knowledge and practical skills that can benefit businesses. 
The DBT team has helped by introducing us to their networks and people in international markets with brilliant local knowledge, which has allowed us to achieve significant export success in India. 

I attended ITW last year and I look forward to going again next week." 

Chris Barker

Roz Partridge, Client Services Manager, Midland Technical Translations (MTT)

"I attended ITW last year and it was fantastic. The event allowed me to develop an understanding of the operational practices in other countries and also allowed us to network and research opportunities abroad.  

DBT has provided market research and intelligence to help us identify potential target countries and access markets across the globe. As a result, we have successfully acquired new customers who continue to place orders with us. 

DBT can support businesses like mine. I would strongly recommend attending ITW 2023 to businesses considering international trade. The valuable advice, support, and networking opportunities available at these events are instrumental for business growth. You should sign up to maximise your global business potential today!" 

Roz Partridge