Riyadh, Saudi Arabia




14-15 May 2024


The GREAT FUTURES launch event in Riyadh on 14-15 May 2024 aims to bring to life the sheer scale of opportunities for UK businesses in Saudi Arabia and forge partnerships across a number of sectors by gathering together some of the UK's most creative and innovative companies with their Saudi business and Government counterparts.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has progressed dramatically in the last ten years, opening up its society and increasing inclusivity. It’s now home to some of the world’s largest initiatives, including the five lead giga-projects, investing more than $3trillion by 2030. Encapsulated in Vision 2030, the magnitude of this ambition, along with the transformation already achieved, has to be experienced in person to be properly appreciated.

The Saudis have a respect and appetite for British intelligence, ingenuity, skills and experience from Architecture to Education, Clean Tech to AI, Luxury to Fashion and Creativity to Construction. This is a chance to build on this by laying out the UK’s capabilities to the full.

GREAT invites ambitious UK businesses to take advantage of one of the fastest growing markets in the world, using the GREAT Britain campaign’s flagship event and platform to open doors, experience Saudi for yourself, and build greater collaboration between our two kingdoms.

The GREAT Campaign

GREAT has proudly promoted the best of the UK on the world stage for over a decade.

Our flagship events bring GREAT’s vision to life outside the UK, delivering to the hearts of our most important markets. GREAT makes the case for doing business with the UK in a fresh, imaginative and entertaining way, by gathering innovators together to share fresh practical knowledge about business creativity, seed and building relationships and becoming commercial partners.

Businesses should be encouraged by the history of success of a similar GREAT event in Shanghai and Hong Kong, where delegates won over £676m worth of business.

Riyadh has been chosen for our next GREAT flagship event because:

  • Saudi Arabia has a unique position in the Arab world as a major political, diplomatic and economic power in the Middle East.
  • Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is driving one of history’s biggest peacetime economic shifts. This is an opportunity for the UK to provide expertise and support with capacity building in Saudi Arabia’s emergent sectors against a backdrop of some of the world’s largest initiatives.
  • Two thirds of Saudi Arabia’s population is under the age of 35. Providing work for this demographic is a major focus of Vision 2030 reforms, and our education sector is well-placed to support the development of talent. This growing, young market also provides huge opportunities for the UK’s tourism industry.



This exclusive invitation-only event will gather more than 750 of the UK and Saudi Arabia’s most prominent future-shapers and decision makers across a range of industries. It will be an opportunity for these guests to network and to experience world class creativity and innovation showcasing how UK expertise and excellence can partner to deliver Vision 2030.

We are looking for senior UK leaders of businesses, organisations, and educational institutions to join us in Riyadh to participate not only as delegates but as speakers, exhibitors and sponsors, presenting the very best of what the UK has to offer.


The event and 12 month programme

The two-day event in May 2024, will kickstart a year-long programme of trade, tourism, education, and cultural activity bringing to life the fantastic opportunities for UK businesses in Saudi Arabia and demonstrating the solutions available when our two countries work together.



Presenting Partner - British Airways



Presenting Partner - HSBC



KAFD giga-project, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


NEOM Giga-project, Saudi Arabia