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Please note, that the Awards are only open to international businesses, who haven't established a presence in the UK yet.

Tech Rocketship Awards 2022

Is your tech business ready to take off?

Win a tailor-made programme connecting you to the UK’s world-leading growth ecosystem including venture capital firms, in-market advisers, customers and forward-thinking support networks.

Applications are now closed.

If your business is a European, Israeli or Turkish based tech scale-up with international growth ambitions, the Tech Rocketship Awards are for you. Apply for one of these following categories: AI, 5G, AgriTech, Digital Health, Cyber Security or Climate Tech.

The Awards are sponsored by the UK's Department for International Trade (DIT), specialising in helping overseas companies set up and invest in the UK and assisting UK companies to succeed in global trade.

The UK is your launchpad to the world and the Tech Rocketship Awards will accelerate your growth.


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Who should apply?

To be eligible for the Tech Rocketship Awards you need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Your business is an established scale-up based in Europe, Israel or Turkey, delivering innovative, technology-led solutions across one of the categories listed below.
  • You are headquartered in Europe, Israel or Turkey.
  • You have been trading for at least 6 months
  • Your product and/or service has international applicability
  • Your business has a minimum of 3 employees and a current annual turnover of at least £25,000.
  • You haven't established a presence in the UK yet and are interested in setting up in the UK within the next 2 years

If the above criteria applies to you, please complete and submit the application form before 1 May 2022.

Apply to be in with the chance of supercharging your expansion plans and growing your business in the UK.


Tech Rocketship Award Categories


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As the most mature AI market in Europe, and only second to US globally, the UK already presents a strategic advantage for businesses engaging with this new frontier of technology. Artificial intelligence – technology with the ability to perform tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence – is transforming our lives, experiences, and businesses.

Using advanced algorithmic techniques such as deep learning, AI is helping businesses solve complex problems faster than ever. This award is open to globally ambitious scale-ups in AI.

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Significant economic and social value can be gained from the widespread deployment of 5G networks. These networks will deliver faster, more reliable and flexible networks that have the potential to transform key sectors across the economy. That is why the widespread availability of both 5G and gigabit capable networks is a priority for the UK.

5G is already available in over 100 towns and cities across the UK and the next few years will see increased investment in these networks as we deliver against our targets for the majority of the population to have 5G coverage by 2027. This award is open to globally ambitious scale-ups in 5G.

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The UK‘s agricultural market is one of Europe’s biggest. Its population of professional farmers and growers are keen to adopt new technologies that will help them become more efficient.

The domestic and international market is growing and, with a highly skilled workforce, a pro-business environment and an emerging ecosystem that supports collaboration, this is a fantastic opportunity for investors to take advantage of the UK’s momentum in this area. This award is open to globally ambitious scale-ups in AgriTech.

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Digital Health

The UK is a global hub for healthcare technologies, second only to the USA and has a competitive business and regulatory environment.

It offers a connected and forward-thinking industry cluster, linking investors with customers, collaborators, supply chains, and innovation partners. The sector is supported by government and industry collaboration, including through a new long-term Life Sciences Vision.

Investors in the UK can access to unique talent, health research infrastructure and a partnership working approach with the national health system. This award is open to globally ambitious scale-ups in Digital Health.

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Cyber Security

The UK is recognised as a global leader in cyber security innovation and commerce. The sector has seen significant growth in annual revenue and employment, as well as considerable investment in early-stage companies.

The UK provides significant opportunities for all businesses involved in the industry. The market is diverse, with provisions ranging from cyber professional services to endpoint and mobile security. This award is open to globally ambitious scale-ups in Cyber Security.

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Climate Tech

Climate Tech is one of the fastest growing sub-sectors of a low carbon economy and with strong financial backing, and through world class innovators and entrepreneurs, the UK’s vision is to be a global leader in the technologies needed to decarbonise our economies.

The UK is leading the global race to a net zero carbon economy, delivering cutting-edge technology and revolutionary research. This award is open to globally ambitious scale-ups in Clean Tech.

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Diversity in Tech


Women and ethnic minorities still find it much harder to raise capital than their male and white counterparts. Based on Extend Ventures' analysis of a sample of 4,684 tech companies headquartered in Europe that have raised more than $2M of total funding since 1 January 2020, only 0.7% of the total capital raised to date has been raised by black women founders, 1.1% by black men founders and 22.7% by white women founders.

Despite evidence showing that mixed and diverse teams perform better — they still only capture 9% of the world's capital raised in 2021 according to Dealroom. This award is open to globally ambitious scale-ups within the six categories.

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There is no better place for ambitious tech companies to grow than the UK. This is the number one country in Europe for Unicorns, and UK tech VC investment is the third largest in the world. Our tech sector is the home of forward-thinking innovators, venture capital, R&D clusters and opportunities for growth across the whole of the UK. 

Chris Barton
Her Majesty's Trade Commissioner for Europe
Department for International Trade (DIT)


Competition Timeline

28 February - 1 May 2022

Complete your application form for the Tech Rocketship Awards. Only fully completed applications will be accepted.

1 May - 7 June 2022

We will sift all applications received and select the businesses to take part in our local events. All applicants will be informed of the outcome of the sift. Successful businesses will receive joining instructions for the relevant local event.

Local events (virtual or in-person) will be held to select 3 Tech Rocketship Awards winners for each country, who will progress to the next stage of the competition. Companies will be selected by an expert panel.

During w/c 13 June 2022

An expert panel will select the companies to compete in the Semi-Finals of the Tech Rocketship Awards. The 16 semi-finalists will be announced during London Tech Week and by email.


During w/c 12 September 2022

Semi-finalists of the same category will pitch their company to an expert panel during two Tech Rocketship Awards Semi-Finals, held virtually.

1 November 2022

The six selected finalists will get to pitch live to a high profile judging panel and the top three Tech Rocketship Awards winners (gold, silver and bronze) will be crowned during the Grand Finale at the Web Summit in Portugal.

During w/c 16 January 2023

The six Tech Rocketship Awards winners will travel to the UK and attend a 3 day bespoke business development programme.


  • Bespoke Business Development Programme - Three day bespoke business development programme in the UK.
  • Investment Package - A package of services (accountancy, legal, workspace and network membership) to simplify and de-risk your investment in the UK.
  • Business mentoring - Benefit from the expertise of Tech and Entrepreneurship experts experienced in supporting businesses to invest and thrive in the UK.
  • Introductions to investors and accelerators - Benefit from DIT's access a diverse network of investors and the vibrant UK technology ecosystem.
  • Visibility - Secure a coveted title and the opportunity to maximise your profile through DIT and sponsor promotional activity.


Be immersed in the UK’s tech scene, meet potential customers, be challenged, create valuable networks and be blown away by the depth of talent and opportunity in the UK.

The Tech Rocketship Awards winners in each category will be taken on an exclusive business development mission to the UK and receive support from the UK Government and our partners to help your business easily establish, grow and succeed in the UK.

Terms and Conditions

1. The Europe Tech Rocketship Awards (“the Awards”) are organised by the UK Department for International Trade (“DIT”).

2. In order for you (“the Applicant”) to be eligible to take part in the Awards, you must meet all of the following criteria. You must be a business that;

a. is headquartered in Europe, Israel or Turkey.
b. has been trading for at least 6 months.
c. has a product or service which is currently available on the market.
d. has a product or service which has international applicability.
e. has a minimum of 3 employees and a current annual turnover of at least £25,000.
f. hasn't established a present in the UK yet and has a genuine interest and ability to establish a presence in the UK within the next 2 years.
g. has the availability to travel (if successful) to the UK in January 2023 for a tailored visit.
h. has fully completed the application process during the award nomination dates.

3. Nominations for the Awards will be open from 28 February 2022 to 1 May 2022.

4. DIT, or the nominees of DIT, will select: which applicants will be invited to in-market pitching events; the winners of in-market pitching events; which of these in-market winners will compete in the Grand Finale; and, the winners of the Grand Finale. These decisions will be at the discretion of DIT, or the nominees of DIT, and will be final.

5. The costs of attendance and participation in any in-market events and/or the Grand Finale will be the responsibility of the applicant.

6. The prize package for the winners of the Grand Finale will include a tailored visit to the UK for one representative from each company. If more than one person from a winning company wishes to take part, they will need to cover all associated costs.

7. Winners will need to cover their own living expenses and other costs associated with the trip which is not specifically covered as part of the prize package.

8. The prize package for the winners of the Grand Finale will also include a package of business support to help each company establish in the UK.

9. By entering the Awards, applicants understand that their submissions will be reviewed for commercial viability.

10. By entering the Awards, the Applicant agrees to participate in any promotional activities or material, without additional payment or permission, as DIT may request.

11. By entering the Awards, the Applicant consents to their contact information being shared with the sponsors of the Awards.

12. Applicants may only take part in media coverage regarding their participation in the Awards, with prior consent from DIT.

13. DIT will use any personal information submitted in accordance with DIT’s privacy policy.

14. DIT are not liable for any damage, loss or disappointment suffered by the Applicant for taking part or not being able to take part in the Awards.

15. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, DIT may alter, amend or cancel the Awards without prior notice.

16. In particular, Applicants should be aware that DIT may need to amend the location, timing or format of events (e.g. due to restrictions on movement or social interaction due to Covid-19). DIT will seek to minimise such changes but will not be liable for any costs incurred by Applicants as a result of any changes.

17. We reserve the right to change these terms at any time.

Contact Us

Please reach out to us, if you have any questions.

Sandra Marin
Europe Tech Campaign Programme Manager


The UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) has responsibility for promoting UK trade across the world and attracting foreign investment to the UK.

We are a specialised government body with responsibility for negotiating international trade policy, supporting business, as well as delivering an outward-looking trade diplomacy strategy.

DIT has dedicated investment and trade specialists based at British Embassies worldwide to help support companies outside the UK looking to take advantage of the dynamic market and grow their business in the UK.