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A UK/US Discussion:
Lessons from the Past and
Joint Action on Pandemic Preparedness

21 September 2021

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Registered attendees will receive a meeting invitation link via email 24 hours before the event. 


Tuesday, September 21, 2021

12:30 - 12:40pm EDT
Speaker introductions

Opening remarks from each speaker to share their UK and US perspectives on the 100 Days Mission to prepare for future pandemics.


12:40 - 12:50pm EDT
Value of International Partnerships

C-suite perspective from the UK COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer on the first 100 days, importance of international collaboration, and current contribution to global vaccination efforts. 


12:50 - 1:00pm EDT
The Diagnostics Journey

Pivotal role of diagnositcs in the first 100 days including lessons learnt from 2020, where we are now, and what is needed to achieve the 100 Day Mission.


1:00 - 1:10pm EDT
Tracking and Preparing for the Next Pandemic

Learn about Dr. Bright's new global call to action and the importance of expanding how we look at public health threats and pandemic preparedness. 


1:10 - 1:20pm EDT
How the UK and US Can Work Better Together to Combat Global Health Threats

Learn about how the UK and US are already collaborating, where more needs to be done, what we need to get there, and how UK is approaching this challenge.


1:20 - 1:30pm EDT

Moderator held question & answer session with speakers.