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A UK/US Discussion:
Lessons from the Past and
Joint Action on Pandemic Preparedness

21 September 2021

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On September 21, The British Embassy in Washington, DC hosted 'A UK/US Discussion: Lessons from the Past and Joint Action on Pandemic Preparedness.'  


While the COVID-19 pandemic has completely upended the international community, the strength of US/UK scientific and research partnerships led to extraordinary discoveries in new life-saving diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines. Despite this progress, there is still uncertainty for what lies ahead both in this pandemic and the next one. 


The British Embassy Washington proudly hosted a virtual VIP thought leadership discussion on lessons learned from the pandemic and what it's taught us to prepare for what may come next. In this session, attendees heard from world leading influencers in government, science, and business. Speakers discussed the invaluable role of US/UK research in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and described ongoing efforts to distribute vaccines globally. Experts shared their perspectives on how the UK/US Joint Statement on Pandemic Preparedness and G7 commitment to future pandemic preparedness might be achieved through the 100 Days Mission. To learn more about our speakers, click here


While this discussion is of particular interest to thought leaders in science, medicine, policy, and business, what happens next depends on the actions of all of us. Whether you're a researcher, physician, elected official, or merely a concerned citizen - you can be a part of the solution.


If you missed the event, you can watch the recording below.