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The Future of Transportation


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UK Companies
This November, DIT is hosting a delegation of nine mobility start-ups, all focused on offering solutions for a zero emission Future of Transport. From batteries to hydrogen, and simulation to fintech, we are excited to share solutions internationally and build momentum behind the ambitious climate goals of both the West Coast and UK. 
Following a virtual pitch session with Autotech Council on November 4, these companies will be flying out for a week in LA with attendance at CoMotion LA and Automobility LA. 
Please find our successful companies below: 



AMTE Power is a UK-based, next-generation, lithium-ion battery cell manufacturer, manufacturing 2170 cylindrical and 300x100 pouch cells in energy and power-focused chemistries. They are planning to build a UK-based gigafactory in 2024 and are actively pursuing expansion into North America. 
Fergal Harrington-Beatty, Head of Automotive and Aerospace
Dave Pell, Commercial Director

Eatron Eatron 
Eatron offers highly differentiated software modules developed for smart battery management (BMS), advanced driver assistance (ADAS) and intelligent motion control for serial production. Each Eatron software component at the edge is designed to have a cloud counterpart with integrated connectivity and offline cloud analytics, offering OTA updates and continuous software improvements to achieve superior performance and maintenance over the lifetime of the vehicles. The company already has major program wins with OEMs which are going into production from Q1 2022. 
Amedeo Bianchimano, Business Development Director 

ENSO is London-based tire company, developing more efficient, durable and sustainable tires for EVs, extending EV range while reducing tire pollution. Tires contribute enormously to CO2-emissions, air pollution and microplastic pollution, while EVs generate even more tire pollution due to their greater weight and torque.
ENSO works directly with EV manufacturers and is running trials with large EV fleets in the UK, ahead of its US market entry in 2022. 
Gunnlaugur 'G' Erlendsson, CEO

Immense Immense
Immense is a technology platform for simulating future mobility systems, from the development of autonomous rideshare services to the deployment of electric vehicles. Immense makes simulation accessible - empowering cities, infrastructure operators and fleet managers to make faster, better decisions about transportation. 
Dave Williams, Chief Product Officer
Robin North, CEO

Kaluza Kaluza
Kaluza is the leading intelligent energy platform powering the future of energy. From revolutionising billing to smart electric vehicle charging, Kaluza's SaaS technology is empowering some of the biggest energy suppliers to better serve millions of customers. Powered by Kaluza, utilities can invest in innovating for tomorrow's customers and drive decarbonisation with smart, low carbon technologies that not only reduce energy bills, but lay the foundations for a more flexible energy system. 
Conor Maher-McWilliams, Head of Flexibility
Marzia Zafar, Director of Sustainability & Policy


Riversimple Movement Riversimple
Riversimple is a pioneering British engineering company utilising the lightweight and sustainble characteristics of Hydrogen to offer consumers an additional choice for the transition to a clean mobility future. Riversimple's vehicle specification is best-in-class, a revolutionary Network Electric technology delivering ground-breaking efficiency, long range, and quick refueling at an affordable price. 
Chris Foxall, Finance Director

Tevva is an electric truck company whose revolutionary range extension technology allows its medium and heavy-duty electric trucks to go further than the competition at lower cost. Tevva is leading the drive to zero-emissions freight with trucks that can do all the work of a diesel with total peace of mind about range and environmental impact. Using an innovative adaptation of submarine technology, Tevva's founder and CEO Asher Bennett is leading the team towards optimizing H2FC range extension integration into the company's powerful e-trucks. 
David Thackray, Sales & Marketing Director

Viritech Viritech
Viritech is leading the world in developing integrated hydrogen powertrains, harnessing the strengths of fuel cells, advanced energy storage, and revolutionary vehicle control systems to deliver world class solutions for OEMs and Tier-1s in the Automotive, Aerospace, Marine and Distributed Power industries. 
Timothy Lyons, CEO

Zeti Zeti 
Zeti sits at the intersection of fintech, mobility and sustainability, unlocking the potential of technology to revolutionise the financing of transport and support the goals of business and society. Zeti connects transport fleet operators with institutional financiers through its patent-pending FinTech platform, ZERO, to enable pay-per-mile vehicle finance for zero and ultra-low emission connected vehicles. 
Dan Saunders, CEO