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Tech Rocketship Awards 2018-2019 Winners


Digital Economy & Security: QuintessenceLabs



QuintessenceLabs is the global leader in quantum-enhanced cybersecurity solutions. Founded in 2008, it delivers unique products that integrate quantum technology with high-value security technology, including the world’s fastest true random number generator, an advanced key and policy manager, and integrated encryption solutions - all of which keep organisations secure today and prepared for tomorrow, while allowing them to focus on what they do best. QuintessenceLabs also stands at the forefront of development in quantum key distribution, using the laws of physics to protect our information from the security threat of quantum computers. The company is headquartered in Canberra, Australia.



Tech for an Ageing Society: PainChek


PainChek Ltd is an Australian based company that develops pain assessment technologies.

PainChek™ is a smart-phone based medical device using artificial intelligence to assess and score pain levels in real time and update medical records in the cloud. PainChek™ records a short video of the person’s face and analyses the images that indicate pain and records them.

Next, the caregiver uses PainChek™ to record their observations of other pain related behaviours that complete the assessment. Finally, PainChek™ calculates an overall pain score and stores the result allowing the caregiver to monitor the effect of medication and treatment over time.



The AI & Data Revolution: Faethm

Faethm's AI analytics platform shows that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is not the end of jobs, it is a rapid and at-scale transition to the Automation, Augmentation and Addition of work. This transition presents huge opportunities to leaders who can get ahead of the curve, and significant risks to the companies and countries who lag. Faethm’s mission is to help to create economic and social value as accelerating technological innovations change everything.

Faethm launched in October 2017 and is already in use by governments and companies in 16 industries in 7 countries. Faethm use cases span national employment, education and trade policy; corporate technology strategy and workforce transformation; education and skill development.



The Future of Mobility: Myriota

Myriota is a low-cost satellite Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity provider. Myriota’s ground breaking technology allows for huge numbers of transmitters to send small amounts of data directly to a constellation of satellites without the need for costly towers or other land-based communications infrastructure.

This low-cost technology is opening up a whole new range of IoT applications in industries such as agriculture, environmental monitoring, maritime, utilities, defence, asset tracking and logistics.

Myriota was formed in late 2015 to commercialise technology developed at the University of South Australia, and in March 2018 raised US$15m from investors including Boeing’s Horizon X and Singtel’s Innov8.



Clean Growth: carbonTRACK

CarbonTRACK is a cleantech company with a bold vision: to help create a world where energy is consumed sustainably and shared fairly. Its patented intelligent energy management platform lets energy users and energy providers monitor, control, automate and share energy.

With carbonTRACK, home-owners and businesses have behind-the-meter visibility of their energy use and the capability to control energy loads remotely. The technology automates battery control to maximise returns on solar investments.

Energy providers can use the data to predict loads and switch demand to match supply. The platform facilitates peer-to-peer energy trading, connects micro grids and manages Virtual Power Plants.



Feeding the Nation: Yume Food Australia



This year, 9.5 million tonnes of food will go to waste in Australia and we reckon we can do better. Yume Food Australia (‘Yume’) is a Melbourne based for-purpose for-profit enterprise. Yume’s founding mission is to drive revolutionary change in the food system by enabling the sale of surplus food that might otherwise go to waste. By leveraging technology Yume has built an online marketplace that deals exclusively in surplus food and connects producers, manufacturers and wholesalers (“Suppliers”) who have surplus product to caterers, restaurants, independent manufacturers (“Buyers”) who can buy discounted produce and avoid good food from going to waste.



Feeding the Nation Runner-up: Aglive



Aglive is a software business focussed on bringing supply chain digital solutions to food and fibre industries.  We are an Australian public (unlisted) company and have recently established a subsidiary company in the UK.  Our integrated farm management application with a mobile interface allows each stakeholder (farmers, producers & transporters) to complete complex paperwork via easy to use digital tools. Our end-to-end traceability systems combine technology and science to provide a true ‘paddock to plate’ experience for consumers. Trials will commence in February for the use of our platform to address the growing need for digital plant biosecurity to help provide efficiencies in adherence to compliance protocols.  



Connected Consumers & Creativity: Desygner

No more design roadblocks! At Desygner, we believe that you can have a powerful brand, regardless of your marketing budget. Our solutions are designed to make design, branding and marketing simpler for everybody. Desygner.com allows anyone to create, share and print professional graphics in minutes from a computer or mobile phone. WeBrand.com offers established companies the ability to let anyone in their network personalise and spread marketing campaigns, without ever compromising the brand’s identity. Our exclusive technology allows us to lead in cross-platform design, on-brand restrictions, PDF editing, and very soon, intelligent design automation.



GREAT Tech for Change: Mentorloop



At Mentorloop we believe the right connection can change your life. We all benefit when a colleague or connection shows us the ropes, gives us a push, or sponsors us for a new opportunity. But access to these connections is not available to everyone. At Mentorloop we're changing this - we're on a mission to make mentoring mainstream.

Mentorloop is a cloud based platform helping organisations build an internal culture of mentoring for better engagement, retention and productivity.



Special Judges Award: Blamey & Saunders Hearing

Australian hearing company Blamey Saunders hears is on a mission to increase the accessibility of industry-leading hearing aids and to empower people to self-manage their hearing health. To that end, by simplifying complicated audiology and developing the first digital Hearing Health Ecosystem, they’ve made it possible for people to test their hearing and obtain custom-fit hearing aids and comprehensive support without leaving home. Facett, the first modular user-programmable hearing aid, is the latest enhancement to this ecosystem. It addresses barriers to hearing aid uptake, reducing stigma with a jewellery-like rather than medical aesthetic and increasing usability with magnetised battery modules.