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2020 Smart Cities Mission to Brazil

23 - 27 March 2020





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Priority Areas of the Future Cities Programme

Smart Traffic Lights + Operation and Control Centre:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Big data
  • IoT in mobility
  • Data analytics
  • Software for database
  • Data integration protocols and tools
  • Simulations models
  • Software for data analytics and image processing


Bus Corridors + User’s data:

  • New technologies for improved efficiency and safety
  • Near-Instant Monitoring of Buses (Nimbus)
  • Real-time Origin Destination Analysis Tool (RODAT)


Related technologies/services:

  • Ticketing
  • Integration of modes and mobility as a service (MAAS)
  • Transport operators


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Technology & Smart Cities team invites you to participate in an exclusive agenda of activities at the 2020 Smart Cities Mission to Brazil, it has been carefully prepared to support UK tech companies to explore current and future projects in the country. This will be an opportunity to visit two major sites for tech business development:

  • São Paulo - The largest tech hub in Latin America, will offer an unique chance to network with highly innovative companies, meet potential local partners, grow sector knowledge by attending events and meetings, and learn about regulations.  
  • Curitiba - Hosting the world known Smart Cities Expo, participants will have the opportunity to learn about new projects in Brazil and Latin America and technology demands, meet with key urban planners and government officials, present your solutions to a wide audience at sector focused events. 


23 March 2020 / Monday – São Paulo

Welcome Breakfast

Lunch with local partner

Smart Cities Showcase


24 March 2020 / Tuesday - São Paulo

Future Cities Programme Launch

Lunch with DIT and Prosperity Fund Team

Cocktail Reception and Networking


25 March / Wednesday – São Paulo

Commercial Visit to R&D Centre

Lunch with Local Partners


26 March / Thursday – Curitiba

Smart Cities Expo - https://www.smartcityexpocuritiba.com 

Lunch with Stakeholders


27 March / Friday – Curitiba

Discussion panels and round tables at Smart Cities Expo 

Networking event at Smart cities Expo


Please note: This is a tentative agenda so changes might occur without prior notice up to a week before the mission happens.