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2020 Smart Cities Mission to Brazil

23 - 27 March 2020





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Future Cities Programme in Brazil - Details

The objective of the Future Cities programme in Brazil is to advance sustainable urban development through the introduction of smart city technologies in open data, urban mobility and efficient water management, areas in which the UK excels. The programme will support interventions through a smart city approach in order to reduce poverty, improve gender and social inclusion and boost sustainable economic growth, by piloting innovative technologies with biggest potential to scale up. Through this programme, the UK is investing up to £13m in the following interventions:


  • Pilot innovative Smart Mobility technologies in São Paulo to improve traffic flows, focusing on smart traffic lights and smart bus corridors. The objective is to improve the quality of life for poor communities that rely on public transportation and reduce negative impacts on Brazil’s economic development. 
  • Pilot innovative Smart Water technologies in Recife to reduce water loss by leakages, improving the efficiency of water management, and increasing access of the poorest to potable water within integrated urban planning.
  • Support the City of Belo Horizonte to improve the operations of public transport, particularly on evidence-based planning of bus services, through the use of innovative and accurate technology to identify the user’s demands in terms of mobility.
  • Support the City of Recife to further develop the local urban data environment with the proper methodology to identify, collect, process and integrate data in order to promote evidence-based urban planning and improve citizens’ participation in public decisions.


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