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Sector Snapshots & Export Opportunities

Opportunities in multiple European markets for UK companies operating the following sectors. Please click on the following sectors below to discover where your product or service may best be suited for.



The tech sector offers plenty of high-quality opportunities for British companies across the continent. Whether it is the digitalisation of public health systems, its use of information and communication, smart factories or new experimental technologies among others, tech opportunities are increasing rapidly across Europe and there is an appetite for high quality British technology and innovation.

In this summary, we review some of the key markets where tech sector opportunities exist for British exporters. 

Financial & Professional Services

English is the established language for international business services. Some countries in Europe - especially the Netherlands, Slovakia and those in Scandinavia - are particularly receptive to English language businesses, making them ideal starter markets for overseas expansion.


Now is an excellent time for infrastructure opportunities in Europe. Major physical infrastructure developments and renovations are planned in almost every country across Europe. With Next Generation EU (the EU's COVID-19 recovery plan), huge amounts of funding is being devoted to infrastructure, particularly as it applies to digitalising and 'greening' the economy.

Food & Drink

British companies with products that are innovative or have a strong unique selling point, sophisticated packaging and a clear marketing strategy will have a good chance of finding a receptive consumer market in many countries across Europe. Quality and value for money are also important decision-making factors. 

Consumer Goods

With over 500 million consumers, Europe offers a huge marketplace for retail products, from high-street brands to luxury goods and products.  From developed, mature retail markets with a high level of awareness of British products like Switzerland, France and Sweden to high-growth markets where British brands are less well-known, such as Israel, Croatia and Serbia, there is a range of different opportunities for British exporters across the region.

Clean Growth

With the all-important COP26 summit taking place in the UK this year and the recent publishing of the EU’s Fit for 55 package of proposals for a European Green Deal, Clean Growth is high on the agenda across Europe. With established British innovation highly prised on the continent amongst stakeholders, there are plenty of opportunities for British companies to find opportunities in some of the massive capital development projects taking place.