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UK-Mexico GREAT Business Awards

About the awards

The UK-MX GREAT Business Awards 2022 will celebrate the ever-strengthening trade relationship between the United Kingdom and Mexico via four key pillars:  

  • Recognising excellence and commitment to international trade through all nominations and winners
  • Strengthening relationships between the British and Mexican business ecosystems
  • Launching the British Embassy's social footprint report, detailing the important and positive contributions British businesses make in Mexico
  • Showcasing British Food & Drink products

The event will be co-hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce and will bring together key stakeholders from the British business community in Mexico and the Mexican business ecosystem, including trade associations, business groups, buyers and government. 

Submit your nomination before14th October 2022 - 23:59 UTC-6.



  • Exporter with Impact
  • Investor with Impact
  • Friend of the Planet
  • Driving Innovation
  • Best New Entry

Read the full description of each category here


Who can be nominated:

To be eligible for the UK-Mexico GREAT Business Awards you need to meet the following general criteria:

  • Your company must have its headquarters in either Mexico or the UK.
  • Your company should have a relationship with both Mexico and the UK, through either exports, investment, business operations or Research & Development.
  • Your business must have been registered for at least two years.
  • You must agree to the full Terms and Conditions.

We encourage as many nominations of British and and Mexican businesses that meet the above criteria as possible – these awards are a chance to showcase your success, growth and potential, while recognising and promoting the UK-Mexico trading relationship to the British and Mexican business ecosystem.


Nomination timeline:

Step 1 - Call for nominations

20th September 2022 - 14th October 2022

  • Complete your nomination form, for yourself or another company, for the UK-Mexico GREAT Business Awards 2022
  • Only fully completed nomination applications submitted prior to the deadline of 23:59 UTC-6 on 14th October 2022 will be accepted.

Step 2 - Review of nominations

Trade & Investment advisers and specialists in the Commercial Section of the British Embassy in Mexico City will filter nominations as per category criteria.

Step 3 - Judging panels

17th October - 4th November

The Jury will meet to decide on the winner for each for the five award categories

Step 4 - Confirmation of nominees

7th November

Shortlisted companies will receive an email confirming the Jury resolutions regarding their nomination submission. 

Step 5 - Announcement of winners

1st December

Award Winners will be announced an promoted between the wider British and Mexican business ecosystem.



The winners will be announced and will be granted a commemorative plaque. The names of the winners will receive recognition and visibility, as they will be included in the official social media channels of the Embassy. The British Chamber of commerce will offer one-year free membership as part of the prizes for the Best New Entry category.




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