29 March 2023      8 mins


UK-Italy Collaboration in Sustainable Packaging and Circular Economy: Why the New Investment Opportunities are Green

According to recent reports, today the world produces 141 million tonnes of plastic packaging a year and plastic production, use and disposal contributes about 1.8 billion tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

With about 2,500 businesses across the country, packaging manufacturing is a major contributor to the UK’s GDP. In Europe, Italy is performing particularly well and it is ranked among the top 5 recycling countries with 72% against a European average of 53% (source: Il riciclo in Italia 2022 report), presenting businesses with new investment opportunities in green tech and products.


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   16 March 2023      7 mins


Bonds Beyond Molecules: How Hydrogen is Delivering Energy Ambitions Through Partnerships

After years of little progress, hydrogen has emerged a clear priority across numerous international trade and investment discussions. This has helped to reinvigorate regional trade dialogues and excite the interest of investment partners, meaning we are in a position to move forward more quickly.

Both the UK and Germany are set to play a major role in the mainstreaming of hydrogen as an energy carrier, whilst regional clusters are critical to achieving production and decarbonisation targets.

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   20 December 2022      3 mins


Uniting Businesses Around Splitting Water: The Growing Role for Hydrogen and Why the UK and Germany Should Work Together

Europe’s economies are transforming at unprecedented pace to shake off their reliance on fossil fuels. A new, net zero trade and investment landscape is emerging from this unparalleled shift and at the heart of this change is one of the simplest possible molecules, consisting of just two protons and two electrons held together by electrostatic forces - hydrogen. As we kick-off our series of clean growth conversations, we focus on the hopes and hurdles surrounding hydrogen.

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   22 November 2022      7 mins


UK Civil Nuclear Investment Opportunities: A French Case Study

The UK was home for the world’s first commercial nuclear power reactor, which opened in 1956. Nuclear energy is a vital power source, providing approximately 19% of the UK’s electricity. The nuclear sector employs more than 61,000 full time equivalent employees, including within the supply chain across the UK, and contributes £6.4 billion to the economy each year.

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   26 October 2022      8 mins


From Wind to Wasserstoff - Why the UK and Germany Are Ideal Hydrogen Partners

Wasserstoff, the German word for hydrogen, literally means 'water material'. It sounds pure and harmless - the ideal fuel of the future, producing only water when it burns. Everyone is talking about it as a way to decarbonise our economies and improve energy security. But it remains somewhat controversial, primarily because it takes so much energy to produce this wonderful material.

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   13 October 2022      6 mins


So How Do You Create a Driving Test for a Vehicle Without a Driver?

The future of transport is centred around the Autonomous Vehicle (AV), but modes of transport that function without any human intervention can create challenges of their own.

The UK’s Consul General and Director of the Department for International Trade in Italy Catriona Graham recently sat down with CEO and Founder of ∂RISK Chess Stetson to discuss future implications for AVs and the work that this innovative company is doing to increase the road safety of AVs globally.

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   11 October 2022      4 mins


Utilising Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture Storage in the race to Net Zero

In Europe, two promising BECCS projects are underway in Sweden (Stockholm Exergi) and the UK (Drax).

The retrofit of the Drax coal-fired facility in North Yorkshire, one of the UK largest power plants, will form part of the proposed Zero Carbon Humber cluster – an ambitious partnership to build the world’s first net zero industrial region. Drax is one of Europe’s largest decarbonisation projects and will be carbon negative by 2030, supplying power to over 5 million homes and businesses.


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   30 August 2022      5 mins

If you want to build the fastest-accelerating car in the world… you need the right friends

Friends with expertise, experience, an answer for even the most testing challenges. Friends that can help you access funds and introduce you to the connections to turn your vision into a reality. This is why even the biggest innovators in the automotive world choose the UK.


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   4 May 2022      5 mins

Conscious Consumer Brands from the UK: Opportunities for Buyers in the Netherlands and across Europe

One topic that emerged during COP26 in Glasgow last year, is the need to improve our global food systems since they make a significant contribution to climate change. Last month, 17 innovative UK brands journeyed across the North Sea to showcase their vision of sustainability with Dutch consumers in the heart of Amsterdam.


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   21 April 2022      8 mins

The UK's New Energy Security Strategy: Opportunities for International Companies

The British Energy Security Strategy builds on the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, and, together with the Net Zero Strategy, is driving an unprecedented £100 billion of private sector investment into a secure, stable and prosperous future in the UK and Europe.


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   07 February 2022       8 mins

The Top Three Green Highlights of the UK-Italy Year of Presidencies and What They Mean for Business

As the UK’s presidency of COP26 continues into 2022 we take a look back at the top 3 moments that framed the “Year of Presidencies”, in which the UK and Italy together led the G7, G20 and COP26. And we look at the opportunities these activities have created for businesses.


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   6 December 2021      8 mins

Interview on Net Zero Innovation with Maurits van Tol, Chief Technology Officer of Johnson Matthey

Maurits van Tol, Chief Technology Officer of Johnson Matthey, a global leader in sustainable technologies, sat down with the UK's Deputy Trade Commissioner for Europe, Ilaria Regondi.


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   29 November 2021      5 mins

Built to be Green – Small Changes Build Big Results: Highlighting Opportunities & Latest Developments in Ireland's Built Environment

For years, we have all been making small changes to improve our individual carbon footprints. Use a re-usable coffee cup when you get a take-out coffee, turn off lights when leaving a room, bring a reusable bag to the shops instead of using new plastic bags each time, walk or cycle for short journeys rather than drive.


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   11 November 2021      5 mins

How UK Fashion is Weaving Sustainability into Its Garments

While COP26 is under way and world leaders are discussing how to keep the average global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees by the end of this century, back in September-October Milan hosted the Pre-COP, a series of preparatory conferences ahead of the Glasgow negotiations, including a Youth4Climate event.


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   27 October 2021      5 mins

Corporate Climate Action: Targeting Net Zero

Spanish companies are playing a leading role in supporting the global transition to net zero. Both through providing cutting-edge technology and services to support decarbonisation but also by acting to reduce their own carbon footprint.


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   21 October 2021      5 mins

Supporting Businesses in Setting Ambitious Net Zero Commitments

As the host of COP26 in Glasgow, the British government has set itself ambitious climate targets and strives to be a pioneer in climate action, while at the same time enabling sustainable growth. Businesses have an essential role to play in this context, operating in uncertain times and environments, seeking to secure jobs and remain profitable and at the same time becoming CO2 neutral or even CO2 negative.


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   27 September 2021      5 mins

The Future of Growth is Green

The global shift to a Net Zero economy has secured its rightful place as a "must-have" for every business: now ubiquitous in corporate strategies; the growth opportunity we are all focused on. Besides the moral imperative, it is clear the future of economic growth is green: 70% of the global economy is covered by Net Zero targets, including the UK and the EU, and we hope that percentage will rise by COP26.


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   16 September 2021      5 mins

Reap, Rent, Repeat: UK Leadership in Greening the Consumer Market

Climate change is a top priority for the UK, and there are many British businesses and organisations working on exciting initiatives in this space. Join us on a journey from the cotton field to the circular economy, and find out more about some of the ways the UK is striving for more sustainability in the consumer market.


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   27 July 2021       5 mins

The Road to COP26 – Technology & Sustainability: In Conversation with Rolls-Royce

One of the world's leading industrial technology companies with a presence in more than 50 countries, Rolls-Royce is now creating the world’s fastest zero emission all-electric aircraft, new electric commuter planes and revolutionising electricity transfer across Europe.


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   15 July 2021      5 mins

Europe’s Beach Clean: EU Rules to Fight Plastic Litter and How Businesses Need to Adapt

This summer new EU rules to fight plastic litter came into force in all EU member states. EU businesses need to adapt what they buy, and their suppliers need to be aware of the changes, the banned products and new labelling requirements.


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   8 July 2021       5 mins

Collaboration Fuels Innovation – Partnering with the UK to Reduce Emissions

Shipping remains essential to global trade and is already one of the most sustainable ways of moving goods. However, the maritime sector still accounts for more than 2% of global carbon emissions and it is clear that more needs to be done to reduce emissions.


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   3 May 2021        5 mins

The Importance of Net Zero: The Role of Government and Business

The UK’s clean growth market provides rich opportunities for investment, and world-leading expertise to support the accelerating transition across Europe. There is a key role for business leadership on climate change and green recovery.


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