UK's participation in expos international programme


Beyond the UK Business Programme’s Breakthrough Moments, there is a wealth of Expo specialist programming and wider events programming that the UK will be organising, co-curating or participating in either on the UK Pavilion or across the wider Expo site. 

These events will feature UK experts contributing to global conversations, activations led by our UK Pavilion sponsors and partners and specialist sector programming, such as climate change, sustainability and sport. 


The UK will be participating in over 45 events in Expo’s specialist ‘People and Planet’ programme, showcasing UK innovations and expertise to the world on the Expo stage. 

Expo’s People and Planet programme includes the following subject areas: 

  • Climate and Biodiversity 

  • Space 

  • Urban and Rural Development 

  • Tolerance and Inclusivity 

  • Travel and Connectivity 

  • Global Goals 

  • Health and Wellness 

  • Food, Agriculture and Livelihoods 

  • Water 


Deeply rooted in the traditions of the UAE, the majlis is one of the cornerstones of Emirati civilisation. In English, the word majlis means ‘place of sitting’ and the host of the majlis and guests sit facing each other and engage in respectful but vibrant conversation, solving problems and connecting with one another.  The UK is confirmed as co-curating 3 of Expo 2020’s World Majlis events during Climate and Biodiversity week, Travel and Connectivity week and on UK National Day. The three events are:

  • The Sustainable Life for All, 5 October 2021 

  • Digital Twins and New Realities, 11 January 2022 

  • The Chemistry of Happiness, 10 February 2022 


The UK will be celebrating several world international days that fall within the 6 months of the Expo, with planned activity and events on the UK Pavilion for: 

World Cities Day - 31st October 2021  

International Day of Persons with Disabilities - 3rd December 2021  

World Arabic Language Day - 18th December 2021  

Human Solidarity Day - 20th December 2021 

World Wildlife Day - 3rd March 2022 

 International Women’s Day - 8th March 2022 

Commonwealth Day - 14th March 2022 

World Poetry Day - 23rd March 2022 


The UK will be celebrating and showcasing sport across the 6-month programme at Expo 2020. Planned events and activations include a thought leadership on UK expertise in major sporting events, a celebration of the Commonwealth Games, a presentation of UK talent and innovation in a sports technology showcase and inclusion in a sport-based Film Festival as part of Human Solidarity Day on 20th December.   


Please watch this space for more details as we get closer to Expo 2020 opening on the 1st October.