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Tech Rocketship Award 2019/2020

Announcement of Award-Winning Companies

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Throughout 2019/20 the British Government delivered the ‘Tech Rocketship Award’ scheme for cutting-edge Japanese technology start-ups, focussing on 4 key business areas. The scheme gives winning companies the opportunity to engage with the UK tech ecosystem through a tailored programme, including a visit to the UK.  


Across a 3-month application period many companies showed great interest in the UK tech ecosystem, and we received a great number of high-quality applications. We would like to express our gratitude to all applicants, as well as those who expressed interest in the programme. 


Through a careful application process, the British Embassy selected winning start-ups and scale-ups from nearly 80 applications overall. Winners were selected based on the following 4 criteria: 

(1) Cutting-edge technology that solves a genuine societal issue

(2) Fit for the UK market and supply chain

(3) Growth prospects of the company

(4) Potential for actual business expansion into the UK


We can announce that, for the 2019/20 financial year, the British Government has selected the following 8 companies as Tech Rocketship Award winners. We offer our warm congratulations and wish all applicants the best for their future endeavours in the UK. 


The winning companies are listed by category below. 

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Clean Growth - Approaching Decarbonization 


Albatross Technology LLC

Albatross Technology was established following the Tohoku Earthquake of 2011, when they noticed the growing business need for Ocean Renewable Energy. Using a ‘Floating Axis Wind Turbine’, which floats on the ocean, their technology aims to reduce the equipment, installation and operational costs of energy generation, offering a viable alternative to onshore turbines. 

Following successful testing in water tanks, Albatross are now planning to implement their solution on the ocean, working to reduce the cost of tidal, ocean and wave electricity generation. 


Looop Inc

Looop is a renewable energy company, established out of volunteer activities associated with the Tohoku Earthquake of 2011. Expanding from sales of solar power generation kits, Looop now operates an electricity retail business in addition to activities in the construction and management of electric power plants. Providing a fully-integrated service from power generation through to supply and storage in Japan and beyond, Looop is working towards realising an “Energy Free” society, where the price of energy is reduced to 0 through the use of renewables.


Future of Mobility



PJPEye, based on joint research with Kyushu University, has developed a sustainable and safe next-generation carbon battery, ‘Cambrian’. Cambrian allows for super-fast recharging, with an extremely long life-span; and has use-cases in mobility, drones, home energy management and off-grid electricity generation/storage, allowing PJPEye to expand their business around the world.  


ArchiTek Corporation

ArchiTek is a deep-tech venture, developing a unique architecture including LSI (Large-scale Integration) for AI. Their product, aIPE, is a programmable LSI engine that combines custom hardware architecture - optimized for low power consumption and low latency - with innovative software using virtual engine technology. Small-scale and low-cost, their  technology has use-cases in surveillance cameras, drones, drive recorders and more. 


Healthy Ageing - Medical Technology for Ageing Society 


Bisu, Inc

Bisu develops a smart urine analyzer that provides personalized advice to help people lose weight, get fitter and avoid chronic disease. The company is launching with a diet-tracking test stick this year, but plans to release additional tests next year including a saliva test for oral health, pet urine test and a baby diaper. Bisu is a graduate of the HAX hardware accelerator and recently won the IHS Markit Innovation Award at CES in January 2020. 



Established in 2018, Aikomi is a spin-out from a pharmaceutical company, developing digital therapy for dementia patients. Based on a ‘person-centered care’ approach, their technology platform aims to activate patients’ cognitive function through non-pharmaceutical methods. Aikomi’s technology is a long-term care solution, improving the quality of life for dementia patients and healthcare professionals alike. 


Creativity and Technology



Empath Inc

Empath is developing AI technology to analyse emotions in the human voice. In addition to being deployed by NTT Docomo as part of their disaster area support operations, Empath is being used in call centres by 2,200 companies in over 50 countries. They were the first Japanese company to win at Pitch Your Startup held at ICT Spring 2018, and they have won various pitch contests including Best Startup at Viva Technology 2018. 



Fuller, Inc

App Ape provides analysis of smartphone application use. It is the No.1 service in its field in Japan (according to Fastask).  In addition to app usage data, it gathers store and contextual information to provide market and competitor analysis for a wide range of companies in the design and business planning stages of app development. App Ape is being used by over 5,000 companies in Japan, ranging from app developers and financial institutions to corporations and individuals. 


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As part of the tour of the UK tech ecosystem, the winning companies will be invited to attend London Tech Week and receive exclusive support such as introductions to local accelerators as well as the opportunity to receive mentoring from tech specialists. 


In addition, the companies will be invited to join the panel discussions at the Creative Teach GREAT Week hosted by the British Embassy Tokyo, where they will discuss what they learned about the UK tech ecosystem on their trips. 


Note: due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the above plan will need to be changed. Thank you for your understanding.

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